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Talking to Florencia Bollini, the famous spiritual guide of entrepreneurs, is like talking to a lot of authors who, if they did not achieve happiness, at least they were very close.

With an Argentine accent and a passport with stamps from the most recondite places in the world, Bollini begins the interview by shooting the first bullet, straight to the heart: “What are you doing with your life? You have to be the best version of yourself, otherwise you will never achieve real success”.

Expert in leading successful entrepreneurs from around the world (the A-list is long and very powerful, but you will never hear the name of any of them thanks to her professionalism), the psycho-spiritual strategist makes it very clear that we have lived a life of deceit when it comes to happiness. “Success hurts because we have been taught that one can only achieve it by not listening to what the heart dictates” she continues, explaining that “the price doesn’t seem to matter. It doesn’t matter if you compromised your values and put everything on the line -your health, your family, your time- this is what we have been taught, this supposed to be the way to achieve happiness”.

The expert unveils that it is at that precise moment, when you reach the peak of success, you discover that happiness is not there. “We need to find a way to live a life aligned to our belief system. If what you feel deep in your heart and what you do are not in coherence, stop and trust in your intuition. It was only until I aligned myself in this way that my life became a hit.”

With the stigma of feeling that something is missing despite having everything, great corporate moguls come to Bollini in search of a solution to something so intangible. To gain access, the expert uses ancestral techniques such as plant medicines together with high-end technology in the style of virtual reality. This way, Florencia Bollini succeeds in awakening our conscience in the pursuit of inner peace, obtaining – or experiencing – the long-awaited happiness.

“There are many factors in life which create unbalance and disalignment, removing us from our centre. Is here where we need to pay close attention and see what is not working for us. That’s where I step in as a professional. It can be challenging, but put your phone down and breathe deeply for at least five minutes. It is our responsibility to recognise where we are at and what does it take to move forward, to transform our reality”.

To Bollini “the Universe rewards the courageous, when you go for your dreams”; and that is why, in her opinion, we must push ourselves to be a bit better every day, this way happiness and success will become a constant in our lives.

Story credit: Raquel Rivas

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