GloryBots Album Cover
The cover for gloryBots’ rock album, ‘Dark Alien Pop.’

Artist: gloryBots (Jalal Andre)

Album: ‘Dark Alien Pop’

Living and working on the fringe of mainstream society is a powerful creative motivator for many musicians. Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, gloryBots (whose real name is Jalal Andre) offers a compelling perspective into his exploration of his personal thoughts and feelings on life. The stunning analysis is presented on the musician’s upcoming multi-faceted 12 track rock and electronic debut album, ‘Dark Alien Pop.’ Taking cues from such influential bands as Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Muse, gloryBots highlights his dynamic and upbeat musical brand of approaching life on a unique path.

‘Dark Alien Pop’ begins with the atmospheres and trippy entry, ‘Entanglement.’ Driven by haunting themes and alternate chords, the opening song also features a floating melody and robust synth that creates an underlying angst. Also taking cues from Depeche Mode, the pulsating track is the epitome of the EDM genre, thus making it one of gloryBot’s signature tunes on the record.

Another stellar entry on ‘Dark Alien Pop’ is its sophomore song, ‘Dream About Nothing,’ which is reminiscent of Radiohead’s signature sound. The album’s current psych-rock single chronicles how people who focus so much on day-to-day survival often neglect their power to dream. The song features an atmospheric electric guitar that helps highlight gloryBot’s smooth vocals, which feature an ’80s rock vibe.

‘Dream About Nothing’ is followed by another intriguing and reflective track, ‘Syzygy,’ which is driven by computerized synths and vibrant guitar riffs. Another noteworthy tune on ‘Dark Alien Pop’ is its tenth entry, ‘Afterlife,’ which features equally alluring and captivating industrial instrumentation, particularly the percussion, and mythical vocals. Hushed sizzling tones also give the tune a close-fitting metallic and electronic ambience.

The debut album from gloryBots ends with its radiant song, ‘World of Curls.’ The track expertly blends grunge and post-punk radiance with enthralling guitar riffs. The tune also stunningly highlights the musician’s melodic voice, which infuse the soulful lyrics with a glossy and alluring sensuality.

‘Dark Alien Pop’ is a gripping and memorable debut effort from the audacious and daring singer-songwriter. The 12 entries on the multi-instrumentalist’s first record is an unfiltered expression of who he is as a musician. The electronic-fueled rock songs distinctly showcase how creatively liberated gloryBots felt while he was writing and recording the vocals and instrumentation. The album is an amalgam of upbeat and post-punk textures that proves what a dynamic musical brand he’s becoming, and also reflects his longstanding interest in being more on the fringe than the mainstream.

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