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Family of Fear Leads Genre Fans Into Frightening Haunted House in Exclusive Documentary Clip


Family of Fear Leads Genre Fans Into Frightening Haunted House in Exclusive Documentary Clip

Family of Fear Promo Image

An image of the haunted house from director Stephen Lackey’s documentary, ‘Family of Fear.’

Creating frightening scares and spooks for unsuspecting victims is a cherished tradition for many families throughout the month of Halloween. The group of haunters, who have willing banded together during the season of screams, are determined to continue to thrive on what brings them together as family: leading people to become terrified as they question whether they should judge people and things by their outward appearances. Their connection over their love of guiding visitors through one of America’s most haunted houses throughout the most terrifying season of the year is highlighted in the new documentary, ‘Family of Fear.’

In honor of the movie’s upcoming release on iTunes this Tuesday, October 23, ShockYa is debuting an exclusive clip from the documentary. In the clip, the family reveals that they participate in hosting the haunted house because they find it fun. They also emphasize that they need to maintain the right amount of energy while scaring their visitors, so they don’t lose intensity by the end of the month. The crew that’s running the haunted house is also warned to be aware of their surroundings, so they don’t hurt anyone. They also emphasize respecting each other while working in the haunted house.

The documentary was directed by Stephen Lackey. The filmmaker also served as a producer and editor on the movie with Zach Martin.

‘Family of Fear’ follows follows an eclectic group of artists and “spooks” as they build and work in one of the country’s scariest haunted house attractions – the 50,000 square foot Arx Mortis Haunted Attraction in Killen, Alabama.

Bathed in blood and in search of screams, the members of this “family” don’t work at the haunt for money: they work solely for the scares and the support of one another. Their stories are all sadly similar – many have suffered bullying due to their uniqueness in the small southern towns surrounding Arx Mortis. Others suffer with depression or other challenges, and have no real community or family support system to help.

Coming off a season of family struggles and bad reviews, they are determined to make a comeback and rediscover what brings them all together, and why they call themselves a haunt family. After all, the family that scares together, stays together.

‘Family of Fear’ can now be pre-ordered on iTunes. For more information the documentary, visit its Facebook page.

Shockya's Exclusive 'Family of Fear' Clip
Shockya's Exclusive 'Family of Fear' Clip

In honor of director Stephen Lackey's documentary, 'Family of Fear,' being released on iTunes, Shockya is debuting an exclusive clip from the film.

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