Jupiter In Velvet's Beautiful New Day
The cover for singer-songwriter Jupiter In Velvet’s rock album, ‘Beautiful New Day.’

Artist: Jupiter In Velvet

Album: ‘Beautiful New Day’

It’s often in people’s darkest moments when they see the greatest potential for hope in their lives. That’s certainly the case for singer-songwriter, Jupiter In Velvet. His recently released seventh album, ‘Beautiful New Day,’ offers a soulful reflection on the power of improving the quality of life through a powerful narrative. The 11-track indie rock record passionately contemplates the serious emotional and health challenges Jupiter has dealt with in the past year.

The American born musician moved to the UK in 2011, which is when he initially embarked on a high octane re-invention of himself and his artistry. Once he arrived in London, he fused many eclectic influences from different periods of rock history, including alt-pop psychedelic rock, electro-dance rock and alt-punk. Those inspirations powerfully blended together with the observations and difficulties that Jupiter In Velvet has recently made and gone through to fully transform him into a modern day version of David Bowie and Billy Idol.

One of the first energetic entries on ‘Beautiful New Day’ is its sophomore song, ‘Can’t Get It Right,’ which is driven by ’80s-inspired power rock. Jupiter In Velvet draws on inspiration from Bowie in particular to create a satisfying rhythm and central melody. The singer commandingly croons that he’s no longer allowing the woman in his life to slam the door in his face and then ignore him, as he describes himself as previously being “a really nice guy.” But after the strain in their relationship, he now feels mean. Driven by the drastic change in his personality as a result of their tense connection, he’s now determined to always rise above any challenges he may face in the future.

‘Can’t Get It Right’ is succeeded by another enticing and unique track, ‘Monsters,’ which is driven by glam rock and New Wave influences that are reminiscent of Duran Duran’s retro sound. The simplicity of the piano offers an emotional melody. A powerful touch of modern rock-n-roll guitar riffs also highlight how the musician feels confident that he can defeat his title monsters and overcome the darkness in his life with the help of the woman he loves.

Jupiter In Velvet’s latest album then transitions into the uniquely acoustic tune, ‘Metanoia.’ The entry is driven by the simple, yet equally powerful, beat of the guitar and drums that adds an enthralling depth to ‘Beautiful New Day’s overall New Wave sound. The superb anthem packs a strong impact as the musician reflects on his spirituality, and warns people not to let their lives be a waste of time.

The next captivating song on ‘Beautiful New Day’ is ‘The Day I Fell From the Stars,’ which will surely leave a lasting impression on listeners with its unusual vibe. The track thrives on its strong alternative rock vibe that uniquely features a slight orchestra feel that features stunning keyboards. Inspired by influential bands from the ’90s, including Soundgarden, Jupiter In Velvet brings an energetic and psychedelic vibe to his new album. With the overall synth-led ambiance that adds an extra dramatic feel to them, the outstanding lyrics contemplate what the singer should be in life, as he asks to be shown how to make his life feel right again.

Another standout tune on ‘Beautiful New Day’ is its eight entry, ‘With A Whole Lotta Heart,’ on which the singer explores human relationships and people’s role within the world. Jupiter In Velvet once again proves what a thoughtful and creative person he is, as the record becomes more optimistic in nature. The singer proves his powerful musical prowess by contemplating how different would the world appear through someone else’s perspective.

The penultimate song on Jupiter In Velvet’s latest record, ‘Kiss the Flame,’ is another gripping track that’s driven by a standout bass and electric guitar. Once again infusing a retro feel into his vocals and instrumentation, the tune notes how the musician wants to spark love, and get away from a world full of liars. He also encourages his listeners to pursue what makes them happy.

Overall, ‘Beautiful New Day’ is at times brazen and explosive, but it’s also equally divinely heartfelt and emotional. The album features a enthralling blend of heavy, distorted instrumentals and complex, contemplative lyrics, which come together in a darkly melodic, authentic and raw way. The resulting blend creates a refreshing, classic vibrancy of genuine rock-n-roll. The singer goes on an expressive and thoughtful journey that leads him from rage and despair to a bright and promising sense of hope. His new music conveys the way he truly feels about the difficult circumstances life brings everyone. His latest track offer dark doses of reality that are followed by hard won wisdom and an encouraging breakthrough.

For more information on Jupiter In Velvet, visit his official website, as well as his Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation and MySpace pages.

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