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The EC-Council is the creator of CEH certification along with several other information security-related credentials. Individuals from the world’s most reputed organizations such as the US Army, the FBI, Microsoft, IBM and the United Nations have obtained certifications from the EC-Council. The EC-Council has received the trust of various government agencies and other organizations including the US Federal Government, National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS).

General overview of CEH certification

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credentialissued by the EC-Council is a certification that proves your ability to identify flaws in a target systemand assess its status under a legal background using the tools and knowledge of a malicious hacker. If you are a person working or hoping to work in a cybersecurity field, you can get CEH certification which will help you develop skills and improve job prospects for your future career.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should obtain CEH certification:


Why earn CEH certification?

    • The government and military networks are basically a mine of jobs when it comes to the cybersecurity field. CEH certification is approved by the DoD, which is a mandatory requirement if you aspire to get a job or receive a contract in the above-mentioned networks.
    • There are plenty of employers and companies offering jobs for CEH certified professionals specifically, so if you are an employee right out of the gate with minimum work experience, this certification will be highly beneficial to nail your first job.
    • You can train and apply for CEH from various locations around the world. The EC-Council has certified training centers spread across the world, hence you wouldn’t have to go through much of a hassle if you are located outside the US.
    • The certification is accredited by ANSI, which ensures that the program is designed using effective learning principles and meets the necessary standards and criteria.

Requirements for eligibility

You may now be convinced as to how CEH certification will empower your job profile. However, EC-Council specifies certain requirements that you must possess to be eligible for CEH certification. You must fulfill one of the following criteria in order to qualify for CEH exam:
1. Attend official training.The options include instructor-led training, computer-based learning, academic learning, etc. You will be expected to agree to certain terms and conditions put forward by the EC-Council before you can attempt the exam.

2. Possess 2 years of work experience in the cybersecurity field along with a proof of formal education that showcases your expertise in information security. In this case, the candidate must submit a completed exam application form, pay a non-refundable fee of $100 and purchase an exam voucher directly from EC-Council.

3. https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/certified-ethical-hacker-ceh/

312-50 exam structure

In order to become CEH certified, the candidate should clear 312-50 exam. This test will be a 4-
hour assessment with 125 multiple-choice questions. You will be tested on the following
knowledge domains:

  • Background
  • Analysis/Assessment
  • Security
  • Tools/Programs/Systems
  • Methodology/Procedures
  • Regulation/Policy
  • Ethics

Candidates will receive questions of various forms which are chosen to cover several areas of knowledge.These questions come in varying difficulty,hence each exam section will have a unique overall “Cut Score” determined by the difficulty of each individual question. The minimum passing score, pre-determined by a panel of experts, will depend on the set of questions you receive. I strongly recommend you take a look at the Official Handbookfor detailed information regarding the exam including application forms, eligibility criteria and blueprint of the exam.

Preparation and practice

  • Once you have taken the first step to completely understand the ins and outs of the exam, it’s time to prepare and practice to successfully pass the exam and earn CEH certification. Here’s a set of tips to help you better prepare and practice for CEH exam:
  • In my opinion, the best option for exam preparation is to register for Official training sessions approved by the EC-Council. This will be a 5-day (40 hours) training program where you will have access to i-Labs (Virtual Labs) and e-courseware that will cover the essentials of the exam.
  • If you think you have the necessary work experience and looking to sit for the exam without registering to a training program, that’s totally fine as well. There are so many resources such as mobile apps, forums, exam dumps, etc. out therethat you can use to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Once you feel confident, you should start working with trusted and up-to-datepractice questions. Practicing questions will help you familiarize with the exam structure and improve by identifying your weak areas.
  • Use forums and online discussions on CEHexam to learn useful approaches, ask questions and gain productive feedback from the experiences of past test takers.The information exchange between the community members can help you acquire useful tips and strategies, be updated and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Popular web resources

I’ve compiled a set of useful resources popular among previous test takers. These resources will help you to perform better during the exam:

The Official CEH training course provides various training options to choose from. Self-paced training, in-persontraining and self-study courseware – the variety of options enables you to pick the one that best suits your study needs. The course offers reliable, up-to-date and real-world problem-solving knowledge and practical experience through iLabs.

ExamSnap is a website that offers VCE fileswhich contain practice questions for CEH. These VCE files allow you to simulate the exam with the help of the software and take the practice test in an exam-like environment. All materials on ExamSnapare validated by experts hence are of high quality and up-to-date.


CEH by EC-Council is a highly sought-after certification in the field of information security. There is an ever-increasing demand for certified professionals in the cybersecurity area. Being CEH certified will enable to be a part of this growing industry and achieve your career goals. With enough preparation along with the aid of trusted resources to empower your skills, you too will be able to join the reputed network of CEH’s.

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