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Top Reasons from Exam-labs: Why Should You Choose VMware Certifications Among Others?


Top Reasons from Exam-labs: Why Should You Choose VMware Certifications Among Others?

So you have been in the IT industry for a couple of years and you are working with an amazing company that offers you great remuneration package. As far as career fulfillment is concerned, you can fairly say you are good. However, take a moment to ponder on your career path. Do you think you are at the best place you can ever be career-wise? Are you absolutely certain that your promotion and job security is guaranteed in your current organization? If the company decides to reduce their staff strength for whatever reason, are you sure your name wouldn’t be on the first list of employees-to-go?

Of course, you might not have thought to that level. And trust us; you are not the only one who doesn’t think that far. It is very easy to get comfortable with your current job position and not to think how you can become an invaluable asset to your organization. One critical way to achieve this level of importance in a company is by growing your skills and knowledge. Beyond growing your skill set, you should have something to validate the acquired skills and knowledge. A certification is the best way to achieve this. The credentials have become an integral part of a successful career in the field of IT. As a matter of fact, without one, you might not be able to grow beyond a certain level in your career pursuit.

So why do you have to limit your potentials when you can easily earn a credential? One of the top certificates that have remained popular in the field of virtualization is those from VMware. The VMware certification gives you the opportunity to work on servers, virtualized networks, networks, and desktops. In case you are not sure why you should choose these credentials for a successful career in virtualization, Exam-labs has put together the core reasons why this should be your top choice. Let’s look at them.

Why should you choose VMware certifications?

The first thing to establish is that many organizations are very active in the world of virtualization. Some of these include Huawei, Citrix, Oracle, and RedHat, to mention a few. This implies that opportunities abound in this career path. No doubt, many professionals have been focusing on other fields of IT and have not tried to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the field of virtualization. Many of these individuals’ function primarily in data center within the corporate environment. Additionally, many people working in networking have not upgraded their skills to virtualization. Although this seems a normal scenario now but the time is very near when Cloud will be the critical career path.Interestingly, when this switch happens, the VMware credentials will position you for unlimited opportunities. The reason for this is basically because virtualization is the foundation for Cloud.

Understandably, VMware is not the only certification provider in a virtualization space. There are a couple of other vendors that provide virtualization credentials in the industry. So why do you have to choose VMware certificates above others?

VMware is a Market Leader

Really, it is a no brainer to go with a VMware credential for your virtualization certification. To start with, the options you have are limited. And even among the limited variants, VMware remains a market leader. Additionally, the certifications offered by this organization are globally recognized, which means you are not restricted by location when it comes to exploring opportunities. It is important to mention that there are other certificates that cover virtualization but they are not focused on network like VMware ones do. Earning the VMware certifications is the way to go for the professionals who want to pursue a career in networking.

However, there are prerequisites to achieving these credentials. One very critical prerequisite is passing the certification exams. To pass these tests, you have to study and invest in resource materials. To make your study easy and straight, you can explore materials available on the Exam-labs website. There is so much you can gain by using these prep tools.

You’ll become a Seasoned Professional

The VMware certificates validateone’s skills and knowledge on the certification objectives and content. It stands you out from your peers and positions you for a more lucrative career path. Cloud is becoming the trend in organizations today and a credential in virtualization gives you a competitive edge to explore these numerous opportunities. For the professional networking engineers, a VMware certificate is the perfect certification path to consider.

VMware offers a Wide Portfolio of Certifications

There are various levels of credential you can explore in the VMware certification path. The good thing is that it doesn’t matter your current level of experience, you can always find a certificate that that fits into your level and career goal. For instance, if you’re an entry-level professional, you can explore the Associate certification. This equips you with the knowledge of the technology. If you are in the field of sales, this credential will enable you have an intelligent discussion about the technology as well as the issues inherent in space. You don’t necessarily have to change your career, if you don’t want to. Regardless of your background or knowledge level on the certification exam, you can prepare for the test and pass it at your first attempt. The resources available at Exam-labs will see to that.

The highest level under the VMware certification path is VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert). This makes you eligible to function in enterprise level design & implementation of virtual networks. There are different paths under VCDX, which include Cloud management and automation, desktop and mobility, data center virtualization, and network. It is important to mention that this is the most difficult level of certificates under VMware. It requires serious study and there is a final project that claims you design and document a production-ready solution. In addition to this, the candidates are required to defend their designs before a review board for approval.


There are many reasons to choose the VMware certificates among others and the above are just some of them. Whatever certification path you choose it is crucial that you prepare adequately for your exams to avoid taking it severally. To guarantee your success on the first try, we recommend you use prep materials available at the Exam-labs website.

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