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Manifest Destiny Down Space Time Poster
The poster for writer-director Jonathan Baker’s comedy, ‘Manifest Destiny Down Spacetime.’

Science and religion are about to join forces in the most unexpected way. The two distinct views on the way the world works and functions are colliding in the new romantic comedy, ‘Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime.’ In honor of Quantum Mechanics and religion finally seeing eye-to-eye on how the apocalypse and a time warp can be reversed in the new satirical independent film, ShockYa is exclusively premiering the film’s extended release trailer.

‘Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime’ is based on real science, including the recent discovery of what’s known as The God Particle by European research organization, CERN. The movie was written and directed by former Sony executive, Jonathan Baker, who has worked on the ‘Underworld,’ ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Spiderman’ franchises. The comedy stars newcomer Jeff Kenny and Broadway veteran Lexie Lowell.

The following synopsis has been released for ‘Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime’:

An awkward OCD physics genius, Toby (Kenny), and a hot ex-Catholic sorority girl, Kara (Lowell), wake up after blacking out Halloween night to discover they missed the evacuation of Earth. A mysterious agent pursues the feuding couple as they figure out how to work together to solve the recently entangled multi-verse, and ultimately try to save humanity from AI.

For more information on ‘Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime,’ visit its official website.

'Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime' Trailer
'Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime' Trailer

ShockYa is exclusively premiering the extended release trailer for writer-director Jonathan Baker satrical comedy, 'Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime,' which stars Lexie Lowell and Jeff Kenny.

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