If you are a fun of classic rock hits, then when you turn on your favorite radio station you expect to hear the best of all time. Titles like Hendrix pick squeals, Stairway, a dash Beatlemania and other great ones, are the kind of hits you’ll want to listen to.

There is something about classic rock that only the true fans will notice, the difference between the 80s and the recent ones. It’s as if the hits and the style changes with time, but the super hits cannot just fade away.

In this article we shall be looking at the top 10 all favorite classic rock songs. We shall strictly stick on those few unforgettable hits, that can’t just let you sit still. From the 60s, 70s upward to the 80s, best hits of all time.

1. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.

When it comes to the best in classic rock, you can’t just ignore Jimi Hendrix. His talent as a songwriter and guitarist has enabled him to climb heights in classic rock music. His famous track “Purple Haze” evidently displays the kind of talent he has. Blending the mixture of old-school and some freaky psych brought life this unforgettable classic hit. He has taken the number 1 spot in our top ten list today, if you’re a true lover of classic rock you’ll agree with this.

2. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.

Coming up second in our top ten list today is Pink Floyd with the track Comfortably Numb. The classic rock played in this hit is just amazing, from the heavenly solos by David, as well as classic organs have contributed in this exceptional hit. Surely this track is one of the unforgettable hits, and it deserves that respect.

3. Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Another unforgettable hit in our list today is Proud Mary. Coming up on number 3, this amazing hit a hybrid of country and blues, has made a mark in the classic rock jams. Some of the great, powerful and yet relaxed melodies from John Fogerty have made a huge contribution in making the track a hit of all time. I’m sure classic rock lovers will also agree with this super jam.

4. Rockin’ in the free world by Neil Young.

Another very successful singer in producing the best classic rock jams is Neil Young. Over the years of his career, he did a lot of great hits, but Rockin’ in the free world came with a whole new level. The enticing guitars played on this track are truly magnificent. It’s the reason we have this classic hit on number 4 in our list.

5. Should I stay or Should I GO by The Clash.

On number 5 in our list today we have The Clash with this incredible hit “should I stay or should I go”. Classic rock lovers understand the vibe from this hit, I guess this is the very reason you should often buy Soundcloud plays, making sure you don’t miss these hits. The Clash did an amazing job on this track, from the amazing instrumentals, to the incredible melodies.

6. Walk this way by Aerosmith.

Walk this way” has made it on number 6 of our all time top 10 classic rock songs today. Aerosmith understood what he was doing on this track, achieving the synergy of Tyler and Joe in making this unforgettable hit. If you listen carefully to this track, you won’t ignore the front and centered rhythms. I guess this is the reason Run DMC couldn’t help but reinvent the hip-hop version 11 years later.

7. Baba O’Relay by The Who.

Coming up on number 7 in our top 10 list today we have Baba O’Relay. The thunders from the well played guitar, synthesized opening creates the best rock & roll moments of all time. The Who worked perfectly to make this track the mark of the music career.

8. Smoke on the water by Deep Purple.

This amazing track taking number 8 in our top 10 list today, has introduced a generation of guitarists. The simple riff, four chords comprising parallel fourths made this song extremely great. One thing about this song that makes it more interesting is the lyrics. They were made from a true story Deep Purple’s members experienced, watching the casino burn up. The overzealous fan sets it off by a flare gun during that night. The fire has never seized to burn in every guitar center from that day henceforth, and the track has maintained the hit.

9. Radar Love by Golden earring.

Taking number 9 in our list today we have “Radar Love”, this song has been the biggest US single of all time. The driver races home to meet his woman, the woman he has deep connections with, the kind of connections to be telepathic in some sort. The song was well-crafted with a great sense of drama, dynamic and a magnificent chorus that leaves everyone wanting for more. Golden earring made a true mark of his career with this hit song still rocking to the moment.

10. Brown Eyed girl by Van Morrison.

Last but not least in our top 10 classic rock hits today we have “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. I really mean it’s the last in the list, but not the least, because of the good vibe and melody that comes with this track, classic rock lovers will agree with that. Van Morrison did an amazing job on this track as he always did, from the first time he came through with “Gloria”, he has been handling his hits in a whole new manner. That’s what has made him appear in our top 10 all time favorite classic rocks.

With this list, all the classic rock lovers agree that the hits are truly hot, and deserves to be on top for really long time. However, the high end technology as made sure that we miss nothing that we love. Sites like soundcloud are offering us with our best choices, from the oldies to the current hits. Don’t miss out any of the major hits you love, enjoy music in every single moment you have.

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