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Patrick Ames’ All I Do Is Bleed EP Review


Patrick Ames’ All I Do Is Bleed EP Review

Patrick Ames All I Do is Bleed Cover

The cover for singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Patrick Ames ‘ R&B-Latin folk-pop-classical EP, ‘All I Do is Bleed.’

Artist: Patrick Ames: guitars, midi-guitar synth and vocals; Chana Matthews: vocals; Mikaila Matthews: vocals; and Paulo Augustin Rzeszut: guitars

EP: ‘All I Do Is Bleed;’ Producer: Patrick Ames

Offering an intimate view into life’s most personal moments isn’t always an easy task. But singer-songwriter Patrick Ames is doing just that on his recently released four-track R&B Downtempo-inspired EP, ‘All I Do Is Bleed.’ The San Francisco Bay-area instrumentalist naturally showcases his inclination to share his personal stories and emotions through his music in a riveting way that’s similar to Tom Waits and Sting. Ames, who made a career for himself perfecting language through book publishing, proves what a spellbinding communicator he is in his new songs, which also feature a folk-pop-classical blend.

The singer visited Buenos Aires during the production of his new EP, which is excitingly highlighted in the thriving Latin inspiration that’s emphasized in his vocals and acoustic guitar and percussion work. ‘All I Do Is Bleed’ begins with the R&B Downtempo-inspired entry, ‘I Want You.’ Driven by enticing Tango strumming and chord progressions, Ames honestly croons about lust. The musician determinedly sets out to showcase the emotions of people of all ages, notably their desires, heartbreak, love, lust and joy. He reminisces about a former lover, and reveals that their connection has since fizzled out. His words are filled with longing and sorrow as he bids his final farewell in a track that has the potential to be performed well live.

One of the most notable and memorable tunes on the singer’s latest EP is the sophomore effort, ‘While You Were Making Babies,’ which has the potential to become a commercial, Top 40 Radio hit. Ames reflects on a lost connection, and how his life would have been different if he was still with the woman he once loved. The musician’s pop sensibilities are perfectly highlighted in his doowop vocals, which reflect on his regrets about the life he didn’t end up living with his former partner, and their missed opportunities. But he ultimately proves that people don’t always have to have their personal and professional lives perfectly planned out in a stunning sentiment that proves that happiness can be found during the most unexpected times.

The penultimate entry on ‘All I Do Is Bleed’ is classical crossover ‘Queen Kae,’ which the songwriter penned for his mother, who was a choral member and vocalist. Enthrallingly led by Paulo Augustin Rzeszut’s Latin-flavored guitar tones, the subdued gospel song creates a mournful and melodramatic atmosphere.

Ames’ new EP ends with the simple and equally sorrowful choir tune, ‘Te Amaba Locamente,’ which he wrote while he was in Buenos Aires. The entry is a captivating duet between the musician and fellow singer, Mikaila Matthews, and is driven by an intense Latin flair. Also featuring quintessential rhythms from the drums and guitar, the song features a gripping passion that won’t soon be forgotten.

Offering a sentimental insight into life’s most personal moments isn’t always a simple task. But Ames is naturally doing just that on ‘All I Do Is Bleed.’ The singer-songwriter’s latest R&B Downtempo-inspired release highlights his effortless ability to share his personal stories and emotions in a riveting way. The musician proves what a spellbinding communicator he is through the mesmerizing vocals, lyrics and instrumentation on his new -folk-pop-classical crossover tracks, which will surely captivate listeners of all backgrounds.

For more information on Ames, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

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