Many young adults, especially those who are living in a different society than their parents, are forced to battle whether they should maintain their family’s traditions, or break free from the expectations their relatives place on them. That’s certainly true for actor Alexander Mercier’s character, Zahid Khoury, in the new thriller, ‘The Martyr Maker.’

The politically-driven movie is now playing on VOD, including Amazon Prime, courtesy of ITN Distribution. In honor of ‘The Martyr Maker’s release, the distributor has unveiled the trailer, as well as a poster and stills, which feature Mercier and his co-stars, who include Tom Sizemore, Terry Davis, Shiek Mahmud -Bey and Cory Duval. The drama was written, directed and produced by indie filmmaker, Kamal Ahmed, who’s a former member of the comedy group, the Jerky Boys.

‘The Martyr Maker’ tells the story of Zahid, an American-born Muslim who’s struggling with his Islamic roots. As he explores different aspects of the religion, he’s led to a deadly calling.

'The Martyr Maker' Movie Trailer
'The Martyr Maker' Movie Trailer

ITN Distribution has released the trailer for written-director-producer Kamal Ahmed's political thriller, 'The Martyr Maker.'

By Karen Benardello

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