/fyoog/ Album Cover
The album cover for /fyoog/’s blues-jazz-funk debut album, ‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing.’

Band: /fyoog/; Members: Katarina Boudreaux: vocals; and Sam Tepper: keyboards and harmonica

Album: ‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing;’ Producers: Chris Butcher and Sam Tepper

Creating and and performing unique songs that grips listeners’ souls and imaginations is a powerful process that proves how versatile musicians can be as they connect with the world. Singer Katarina Boudreaux and her new musical partner, keyboardist Sam Tepper, who also plays the harmonica, are effortlessly doing just that on their newly released blues-jazz debut album, ‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing.’ Performing together under the name /fyoog/, the up-and-coming New Orleans-based funk band mixes original songs they wrote with tastefully chosen cover tunes, all of which are experimental, and are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

While /fyoog/’s new record mainly thrives on old school jazz and blues tradition in its cover song choices and original compositions, the duo also occasionally ventures into the funk and gospel genres, which gives the overall project a soulful vibe. Boudreaux’s passionate and headstrong vocals, which are reminiscent of Billy Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald, are superbly accompanied by Tepper’s magical playing on the piano and keyboards, which is comparable to the instrumentation work of Stevie Wonder. The nine-track ‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing,’ on which Boudreaux and Tepper co-wrote the original songs, showcases their distinctive personality and charisma, while they also pay tribute to their predecessors in the genres.

‘Better’ opens /fyoog/’s new album, and immediately draws listeners in with Boudreaux’s Holiday-esque vocals, which are driven by Tepper’s stunning jazz-infused piano chords. The group’s gripping range on their vocals and instrumentation instantly proves how talented and resourceful they truly are in playing music.

‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing’ then transitions into its sophomore entry, ‘Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair,’ which is a skilled cover of the Nina Simone track. Boudreaux rivals the late Grammy-nominated singer as she croons about the things she cherishes about the man she loves. /Fyoog/’s vocalist emotes passion as she sings that she hopes that the time will come when she and her title true love are reunited. The reflective, somber tone in Boudreaux’s voice is supported by Tepper’s sensuous piano chords, which makes the tune the perfect contemporary cover of a classic song.

‘Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair’ is succeeded by the third entry on /fyoog/’s new record, the jazz-inspired ‘St. Louis Blues,’ which has previously been covered by such great artists as Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday with Benny Carter, Chuck Berry and Herbie Hancock with Stevie Wonder. The latest version of the track features distinctive drum beats by Tepper, which support Boudreaux’s sultry vocals. /Fyoog/’s singer croons that she’s sad to see the day end, as the man she loved has left town. While the vocalist is initially upset that her true love has left, she still feels hopeful that he’ll come back for her, which is supported by the intriguing change in tempo throughout the tune.

‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing’ begins to wind down with its penultimate entry, the equally soulful and fun-driven ‘Blues After Hours.’ Boudreaux emotes that she has the title blues after the man she loves left, an emotion which she feels will last for days. Supported by a sultry blend of the piano and keys have sultry blend, the vocalist croons in electrifying vocals that she wants her man to be sent back to her.

/Fyoog/’s new album then delves into its last-and best-song, ‘Taint Nobody’s Business.’ The track starts off on a slower vibe, with Boudreaux’s reflective and peaceful vocals supported by a soulful blues piano. The tune’s powerful lyrics proclaim that there isn’t anything she can do or say to change people’s opinions of her, so she’ll do whatever she wants to do, and doesn’t mind if everyone despises her. The song inspires people to chase their dreams and do what they want, and not let others change them.

Creating and and performing unique tunes that grip listeners’ souls and imaginations is a compelling process that proves how inventive musicians can be as they connect with the world. Boudreaux and Tepper are naturally doing just that on ‘Temp’rall Sho’gazing.’ The up-and-coming band mixes original songs they wrote with tastefully chosen cover tracks, all of which are stunning, and are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners as they become acquainted with /fyoog/.

For more information on /fyoog/, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook and CD Baby pages.

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