Finally completing a harrowing medical treatment often calls for a celebration. But unfortunately for actor Khalil McMillan’s character, Jake Warren, in the new acclaimed psychological thriller, ‘What Death Leaves Behind,’ he’s instead forced to head down a dark path of vengeance.

In support of the internal struggle that Jake is battling throughout the story, ShockYa is honored to premiere an exclusive clip from, and release the theatrical news about, the film. The clip features Jake as he returns to work, after finishing his dialysis. His colleagues commemorate the conclusion of his treatment by throwing him a party. While he appreciates the sentiment, Jake begins to appear to be somewhat unsure of himself and his decision to return to work.

‘What Death Leaves Behind’ will receive a theatrical release across North America this September and October, courtesy of Artist Rights Distribution. Following its Los Angeles premiere on September 11, the multi-award winning mystery drama will open in several other markets, including Ohio, San Diego, New York, Tennessee, Florida, Washington, DC and Philadelphia. Following its theatrical distribution, it will be released on DVD, Blu Ray and digital.

The movie was directed by Scott A. Hamilton, who also co-wrote the script with Chad Morton, Nico Giampietro and Rachel K. Ofori. In addition to McMillan, the thriller also stars Christopher Mann, Vincent Young, Erin O’Brien, Johnny Alonso, Alexandra Tydings, Shaira Barton, Amanda Diaz and Kelly Dowdle.

‘What Death Leaves Behind’ tells of Jake, who, after a kidney transplant, experiences reoccurring nightmares he believes are visions of his donor’s violent murder. The dreams send him on a dark path of vengeance, which lead to an unbearable truth.

The film’s investor and executive producer chose to work on the feature after his cousin went through dialysis and a kidney transplant, which were followed by unexplained dreams, and inspired the story’s plot. His tenacity to solely fund the drama inspired a team of like-minded people to take a risk on the micro-budget project. Delaying jobs with other companies, they set out to produce their own movie. After a year of dedicated work, they worked together to bring the film to fruition.

For more information on ‘What Death Leaves Behind,’ including where it will be playing in theaters, visit its official website, as well as its Instagram page.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'What Death Leaves Behind' Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive 'What Death Leaves Behind' Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from co-writer-director Scott A. Hamilton's psychological thriller, 'What Death Leaves Behind,' which stars Christopher Mann, Vincent Young, Erin O’Brien, Johnny Alonso, Alexandra Tydings, Shaira Barton, Amanda Diaz, Kelly Dowdle, and Khalil McMillan.

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