Silvermouse's Earthadelik Album
The cover for Silvermouse’s experimental-electro-acoustic-psychedelic-trance album, ‘Earthadelik.’

Band: Silvermouse; members: Joanne Hunt and Justin Handley

Album: ‘Earthadelik’

Setting out to cultivate new ways to fuse their organic, yet equally mystic and psychedelic, energies together, in order to lead their best possible lives, is an important journey for any musicians who play together. The Puerto Rican-based band, Silvermouse, which is comprised of married couple, Joanne Hunt and Justin Handley powerfully chose to reflect on the lessons they learned, and the opportunities that were offered to them, through the chaos that followed Hurricane Maria. The devastating 2017 storm compellingly influenced the experimental duo’s new electro-acoustic psychedelic trance 10-track album, ‘Earthadelik,’ which was released this past spring.

The record features the signature ever-evolving, hypnotic, transcendental and richly improvisational livetronica sound that Silvermouse has mastered. Following the hurricane that hit their island, the group relentlessly worked on channeling their emotions into their latest LP, which they recorded outside on their land one moonlit night completely live and solar powered.

Hunt, who’s an electronic music producer, and multi-instrumentalist Handley, whose works on the guitar, violin, mandolin, flute and ukulele, chose to remain true to their upbeat nature. The members of Silvermouse were unshakeable in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as the experience offered them the opportunity to change and grow in their creative energy. They relied on the strength and inspiration they gained from the deep lessons of resilience they witnessed in their community to craft a musical journey that allowed them to exude confidence.

‘Earthadelik’ features a heavier distortion than Silvermouse’s first two albums, as it organically blends a deeper bass and more robust sounds that Hunt has perfected as a producer. Their sound is becoming more universal and cosmic, as it’s rooted in their personal mystic and psychedelic experience, particularly their relationship with the nature that surrounds them. Hunt and Handley’s personal, as well as shared, life journeys has offered them both the freedom to create completely authentic music that reflects where they’ve been, as well as where they’re headed next.

The tchno-inspired ‘New Moon’ serves as the attention-grabbing opening track on ‘Earthadelik.’ With a truly original and energetic essence that’s driven by Latin-inspired dance grooves and an intense lively beat, the first entry on Silvermouse’s latest record prove what a distinctive cultural sound the musicians cherish in their songs.

‘New Moon’ then transitions into the sophomore tune on the group’s new LP, ‘Existence Experience,’ which features the same blended soundscape as its predecessor. With an immersive international sound, particularly on its vibrant strings, the song features a powerful blend of trance, experimental and hypnotic elements.

Another enthralling entry on ‘Earthadelik’ is its fifth track, ‘Dream Valley,’ which features a tantalizing, distinct and soulful vibe. The exhilaration continues with its immediate successor, ‘Freaks and Lovers,’ which is the album’s best tune. The funky and experimental electronic beat proves that the band has the versatility to keep evolving, particularly through its intriguing blend of both ’70s and modern instrumentation.

‘Earthadelik’ begins to wind down with penultimate track, ‘Venus Feels Like That.’ The song features a classic electronic vibe that’s driven by its pulsating beat. Hunt and Handley prove that they’re not afraid to hold back on incorporating experimental, ethnic beats into their music.

The last entry on ‘Earthadelik’ is the alluring ‘Spores in My Dermis.’ Featuring intriguing sonic beats, the multi-faceted instrumentals perfectly intertwine, and are set against a psychedelic dance beat.

The talented husband and wife team of Hunt and Handley stunningly prove that they can overcome any storm to create organic, inspirational music that effortlessly reflects their life struggles and triumphs. On their latest record, they crafted ethnic rhythms and beats that created a mesmerizing and electrifying ambient soundscapes. Driven by intense rhythms and organic, world-inspired instrumentation in such distinct genres as experimental, electro-acoustic, psychedelic and trance, ‘Earthadelik’ is a invigoratingly original and brilliantly satisfying new album from a band that deserves to be celebrated.

For more information on Silvermouse, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Silvermouse's experimental-electro-acoustic-psychedelic-trance album, 'Earthadelik'
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