When I Make It Home For Christmas
Singer Rob Georg releases his country-Americana-folk-rock single, ‘When I Make It Home For Christmas.’

Artist: Rob Georg

Single: ‘When I Make It Home For Christmas’

The Christmas season is a dynamic time for families to not only celebrating their bonds, but also appreciate the freedoms that allow them to spend time together. While that holiday cheer of family closeness is powerfully celebrated in the media at the end of the year, the airwaves often become inundated by repetitive Christmas songs. But war veteran-musician, Rob Georg is stunningly proving that new holiday music can festive, unique and important to society with his new country single, ‘When I Make It Home For Christmas.’

The singer’s latest track delivers an emotional Christmas feeling that also includes the all-too-important message of thanking soldiers for their service. The Americana-folk tune honors women and men in uniform, who sacrifice so much, sometimes at the expense of their time with their families, to protect everyone’s freedom.

‘When I Make It Home For Christmas,’ which is also captivatingly infused with elements of rock, is enthralling driven by lyrics that were written on a personal level. Through his versatile vocals and guitar strumming, the musician effortlessly connects to all of his audience. Much like Keith Urban, Georg evokes a feeling in everyone, even those listeners who aren’t the biggest country music fans, of sentimentality and appreciation of the life they lead.

Georg’s soulful and sentimental new song begins with a cheerful, and equally affectionate, cluster of strings that leads into his emotionally striking vocals. The singer passionately croons about how soldiers may be half a world away from their families, but they can still feel connected. The musician also emotes that he can close his eyes and see the face of the person he loves.

With soldiers like Georg who have served on foreign ground, while they’re away, they can almost hear the sound of peace when arrive home for their holiday celebration. ‘When I Make It Home For Christmas’ further elicits emotional thoughts of the soldiers and their significant others, as the couples who are separated throughout the holiday season say a prayer that they’ll be reunited.

Georg’s latest single is a powerful celebration of soldiers’ service and commitment to their country, as well as their reunions with their families. The song is the perfect accompaniment to a holiday television film that emphasizes the importance of family spending time together, especially when they’re reunited with their relatives who are serving their country. The track’s repeatability factor guarantees its potential to become a commercial hit on country radio stations.

Working with fellow songwriters, Kristin K. Smith and Corey Lee Barker, to pen ‘When I Make It Home For Christmas,’ Georg created a special, unique tune from a soldier’s perspective of being far away from home. Being on foreign ground, the soldier’s missing his or her loved ones and dreaming of being home to celebrate Christmas with them. The incredibly skillful musicians crafted a completely distinct Christmas song that shares the merry theme of reuniting soldiers with their families, and the public never forgetting the sacrifices they’ve made for everyone.

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Rob Georg's countryAmericana-folk-rock single, 'When I Make It Home For Christmas'
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