Kevin Lee & The Kings
Chicago-based band, Kevin Lee & The Kings has released its rock-n-roll single, ‘Wind It Up.’

Band: Kevin Lee & The Kings; Kevin Lee: lead vocals and guitar; Michael Kurtz: lead guitar and backing vocals; Patty Prendergast: bass and backing vocals; and Erik Strommer: drums

Single: ‘Wind It Up’

Finding the strength to preserve, even during life’s toughest moments, isn’t always an easy task. But singer-guitarist, Kevin Lee, and his fellow musicians in his band, Kevin Lee & The Kings, are doing just that with the release of their new single, ‘Wind It Up.’ The Chicago-based quartet is presenting rock-n-roll in the way it’s meant to be presented with their latest song.

Taking cues from another famed Illinois rock group, Cheap Trick, Kevin Lee & The Kings infused ‘Wind It Up’ with an alluring sense of pure, refined groove and rhythm. While the upbeat tempo and layered arrangements give the track an outward sense of joy, Lee and his bandmates effortlessly prove how talented they are by incorporating the important message of only taking the time to do things when the time is right into the narrative.

Backed by a pulsating energy on the visceral, distorted electric guitar riffs by Lee, his fellow guitarist, Michael Kurtz, and bassist Patti Prendergas, the lead vocalist emotionally emotes his feelings. He encourages the quartet’s listeners by telling them that they should pursue what they love, and things will work out the way they’re supposed to for them. Lee adds in his lyrics that he has always said he’ll always do things his way, which helps him achieve his goals.

With a lyrical and vocal grandeur that’s also enthrallingly supported by the intricate, atmospheric drum work by Erik Strommer, all elements of ‘Wind It Up’ fit perfectly together. The inspiring single, which never stops pulsating with elements from multiple rock eras, rivals the progressive nature of such groups as Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Metallica. While the members of Kevin Lee & The Kings pay tribute to some of the bands that have inspired them, the ever-evolving Lee isn’t afraid to also infuse his own electrifying rock elements into his new tune.

For more information on Kevin Lee & The Kings, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Kevin Lee & The Kings' rock-n-roll single, 'Wind It Up'
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