Metal band, Vovkulaka, has released its four-track, self-titled EP.

Band: Vovkulaka; VolK: vocals; Naya G and JuleZ: percussion and drums; and Ivan Manoloff: 7-string guitar

EP: Self-Titled

Channeling the ghosts of the past to influence the future is a powerful, compelling journey for anyone who’s determined to forge their own path. The members of the enthralling metal band, Vovkulaka, which is led by vocalist VolK, is doing just that on their new four track, self-titled debut EP. The songs, which serve as a teaser to their upcoming full length album, which is set to be released early next year, enthrallingly intermix experimental metal themes with fearless punk attitude. The revolutionary aesthetic that VolK and his bandmates present as they pay tribute to their passion of leading an occult and metal-based lifestyle stunningly highlights their passion and deep commitment to the music genre, as well as exploring paranormal activity.

Since forming in 2014, the primarily Odessa, Ukraine-based quartet immediately proves what a visceral metal powerhouse it is with the EP’s opening entry, ‘My Devil.’ VolK, who also serves as Vovkulaka’s drummer and songwriter, effortlessly channels his explorations into the realm of the paranormal and occult, and his subsequent sound capably allows him to rival such seasoned genre veterans as Korn, Pantera and Rob Zombie.

The song, which serves as Vovkulaka’s second single, begins with intricate power metal grooves and gleaming synths that are influenced by Slipknot. The beats and instrumentals impressively support VolK’s equally roaring and soulful vocals throughout the entirety of the track, which features a dubstep solo by DJ Gigantor from the band Evol Intent. VolK compellingly shares his haunting memories of a toxic past relationship. Also featuring growling guitar riffs and a pulsating bassline, the track will surely appeal to fans of the metal genre.

‘My Devil’ then transitions into ‘Darkness Calling,’ which features a spectacular mix of grinding groove metal and throbbing dubstep. The best entry on Vovkulaka’s self-titled EP, ‘Darkness Calling’ features industrial tones that have a slower tempo than its predecessor, which will surely appeal to the mainstream music audience. The tune will easily introduce new listeners to the group’s music, as it maintains their signature sense of intensity, while not being completely overwhelming. Supported by atmospheric drums, VolK’s hoarse vocals give his lyrics with striking metallic textures

‘Darkness Calling’ is followed by the sinister ‘Purple Door,’ which starts with the mysterious and sensual chanting of VolK’s fellow musicians, Naya G and JuleZ. Vovkulaka’s signature industrial metal melody follows, which is supported by a somewhat grim, but equally commanding, blend of rhythmic guitars, the keyboard and the piano. Completely driven by unrelenting intensity, the tantalizing metal riffs and dubstep moments help recount a disturbing occult-flavored odyssey from another realm.

The gritty blend of industrial rock and power metal that drives ‘Purple Door’ continues on ‘Defy (Radio Edit),’ the last entry of Vovkulaka’s self-titled EP. The song mesmerizingly interweaves seething tones with a scowling energy and vibrating rhythm that advance the snarling guitars. Also featuring a punk rock aesthetic, the new version of ‘Defy’ highlights VolK’s determination that he won’t comply with just anything society tells him to do, as he wants to take charge of his own life.

With the release of Vovkulaka’s four-track self-titled EP, the quartet is powerfully interweaving its deep commitment to exploring paranormal activity with its catalog of brutally catchy tunes. Also guided by its infectiously visceral infusion of evil enlightenment into modern metal, which also conjures the sounds of the dubstep, goth and industrial subgenres, the powerhouse band proves what a cathartic and profound presence it has in the music world.

For more information on Vovkulaka, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify pages.

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