Rock group Sprockets has released its alternative pop-punk EP, ‘Self Made.’

Band: Sprockets; Brodie Knight Sawyer: lead vocals and guitar; Jesse Magana: lead guitar; Brave Dave Schwaller: vocals and bass; and Matty DeCarlo: drums

EP: ‘Self Made’

Leading lost souls find their way through genuine connections and purpose is one of life’s greatest achievements. The members of the rock band, Sprockets are once again proving that by working together, they can accomplish their dream of maintaining success in the music industry. The Las Vegas-based quartet released their latest EP, the four-track alternative pop-punk collection, ‘Self Made,’ earlier this month, which reflects their determination to further their goal of sharing all of their creative expressions with their fans.

The group’s latest EP, whose songs are sure to become hits on radio stations throughout the country, is helping to reinforce the musicians’ intention to inspire their fans to chase their own ambitions. Taking their influences from such bands as Deftones, Papa Roach and Blink-182, the members of Sprockets, who are led by singer Brodie Knight Sawyer, are continuously merging their individual styles together to create their unique sound.

The ‘Self Made’ EP opens with its high-energy title track, which is driven by remarkable guitar riffs and drum beats. The astonishing, fierce instrumentals support Sawyer’s proclamation that he and his bandmates have garnered what they have through their own work. Backed by a nostalgic rock vibe from the late 1990s and early 2000s, the album’s initial entry is a powerful anthem that celebrates people being able to make a name for themselves by stating, and staying true to, their beliefs.

The EP’s eponymous song is followed by its high-octane sophomore tune, ‘Graffiti,’ which features Jesse Lawson. Like its predecessor, the song features an intense pop-rock vibe. The band’s vocalist infuses fiery angst into his personal, relatable lyrics and vocals, as he contemplates his disconnection in one of his deeply personal relationships. His impassioned consideration into why their bond was ruined make the track a potential commercial hit.

‘Graffiti’ is followed by ‘Self Made’s penultimate tune, ‘Neon Alley,’ which is one of the best entries on the quartet’s latest release. Fueled by Sawyer’s equally soulful and raspy vocals and emotionally memorable lyrics, the song highlights Sprockets’ true musical versatility. Sawyer notably croons that he’ll always be standing right beside the person in his life, and they’ll be each other’s sense of reality, which makes the entry the perfect track to be performed live.

The quartet’s new EP ends with the tune, ‘Romantic As Hell,’ which features the musicians’ return to their signature alternative sound. Backed by pulsating metal double-bass drums and wailing rhythmic guitars that powerfully support Sawyer’s vocals, the song proves the group’s authority in the rock genre. The record ends on a gripping note as the singer proclaims that he’ll find way back to the person he loves.

The accomplished members who make up Sprockets have once again proved their skills and talents as musicians with the release of ‘Self Made.’ They showcase that by working together, they can accomplish their dream of finding and maintaining success in the music industry. The quartet ultimately proves its creative expressions and unique style and sound on the versatile EP, which is sure to become a hit in the alternative rock world.

For more information on Sprockets, visit the band’s Bandcamp, Myspace, Apple Music and Sonicbids pages.

By Karen Benardello

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