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Co-Producer Mem Ferda ‘Mesmerised’ By First Animated Horror ‘To Your Last Death’


Co-Producer Mem Ferda ‘Mesmerised’ By First Animated Horror ‘To Your Last Death’

Boasting 91 minutes of 2D action-packed horror, To Your Last Death sees Co-Producer Mem Ferda dip his toes into the world of animated cinema for the very first time. Director Jason Axinn capitalises on this boundaryless medium, serving up blood, guts and gore alongside a gripping, dynamic storyline. Protagonist Miriam’s billionaire father is on his death bed, but instead of inheriting his fortune, the man’s children are deemed traitors who must be punished. As the sole survivor of a brutal revenge attack, Miriam must re-live the fateful night and face the Game Master once more.

Featuring the familiar voices of William Shatner, Ray Wise, and Bill Mosely, the star-studded feature premiered at London FrightFest Film Festival on 23rd August 2019. It then went on to release on Blu Ray on 6th October 2020.

Mem Ferda recently reflected on his work, commenting: “I’m completely overwhelmed and mesmerised by the incredible visuals, the artwork and the rich voices coming from huge stars like the incredible and legendary William Shatner. It is an excellent blend of supernatural and action elements.”

Coined as the first U.S made 2D animated horror movie, To Your Last Death is a must-watch for horror aficionados looking to broaden their scope. Watch the official trailer below.

Release Date: October 6th, 2020 (Blu-ray). Director: Jason Axinn.

Writers: Tanya Klein & Jim Cirile.

Cast: Morena Baccarin, Dani Lennon, Ray Wise, Bill Moseley, William Shatner, Florence Hartigan, Ben Siemon, Damien Haas, Bill Millsap, Steve Geiger, and Tom Lommel.

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