The cover of Bloomfield Machine’s rock-electronica-neo-psychedelia-hip-hop preview EP, ‘Units of Uncertainty.’

Artist: Bloomfield Machine (Stage name of Brian Kassan)

Album: ‘Units of Uncertainty;’ All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kassan

Southern California-based composer Brian Kassan is effortlessly expressing the chaos that he’s been experiencing in his life over the last few years on his next album, ‘Units of Uncertainty.’ The progressive record effortlessly interweaves infectious melodies from such genres as rock, electronica, neo-psychedelia and hip-hop to create a textured, tour de force collection of instrumental songs.

In honor of the LP’s upcoming release on September 28, 2021 under the musician’s stage moniker, Bloomfield Machine, he has unveiled a preview EP that features four of the album’s most provocative entries. The four profound songs perfectly emphasize Kassan’s unique approach to crafting his compositions, which includes mixing moments of darkness and melancholy with upbeat, joyous elements to express his deepest emotions.

‘Units of Uncertainty’s preview EP begins with the moody, hypnotic entry, ‘Cultural Treason,’ which pays tribute to Kassan’s classical rock and hip-hop influences. Also driven by an edgy undertone of intense, entrancing electronica beats, the preface is a true attention-grabbing opening to the musician’s latest collection of tracks. The EP’s introductory tune takes listeners on an emotional journey into the complexities that the musician has contended with and overcome during his life through its stellar, pulsating beats.

‘Cultural Treason’ is followed by the sophomore entry on Kassan’s new preview EP, ‘MicroAgression.’ The song is driven by an edgy, intense industrial groove on the guitar that creates an enthralling sci-fi, animator feeling. Also featuring a more ominous, downtempo tone, particularly on the drum beats, than its predecessor, the track is a dark, brooding delve into the pain that the musician has experienced in his life.

The next entry on the ‘Units of Uncertainty’ preview EP is the atmospheric, laid-back ‘Race to Indifference.’ The expansive, electronica tune begins on a melancholic feeling as Kassan reflects on his past experiences. But it soon uniquely evolves into a funky beat that becomes lighter in nature than ‘MicroAgression.’ With its stellar, unique blend of jazz, electronica and synth-inspired instrumentals, the musician offers his listeners hope for the future as they move on from their past pain on the collection’s most commercially friendly song.

Kassan’s latest EP comes to an alluring end with the seductive entry, ‘Unfavorable Semicircle.’ The aurally mind-bending track is driven by sentimental, emotional tones that reflect on the musician’s past experiences as he look towards and contemplate his future. The captivating tune would perfectly fit into a sentimental movie scene, as it features richly cinematic soundscapes that evoke universal melancholy.

Kassan naturally expresses the chaos that he’s been experiencing in his life through the four entries on the new preview EP of his upcoming full-length album, ‘Units of Uncertainty.’ The progressive record proves the musician’s talent by stunningly interweaving profound melodies from a diverse range of genres, which create an alluring, tour de force collection of inspirational instrumental songs that won’t soon be forgotten.

For more information on Kassan, visit his Bandcamp page.

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