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Drinking Lettuce Water to Fall and Stay Asleep Latest Effective TikTok Viral Trend


Drinking Lettuce Water to Fall and Stay Asleep Latest Effective TikTok Viral Trend

People suffering from insomnia can now fall asleep faster and stay asleep with the latest TikTok trend: drinking lettuce water. The treatment can made by boiling water, pouring it over romaine lettuce and then by drinking the water once it’s cooled a bit.

The trend went viral on TikTok with the hashtag #lettucewater, which has garnered over 26 million views on the popular social media platform. Users have posted videos showing them making and drinking lettuce water, and then reporting back about their sleep. Many users revealed that while the drink looked and smelled unappealing, it does work for them.

Social media’s latest health trend began on May 30, when user Shapla Hoque shared the tip on her TikTok account in a video that has now been viewed more 7.1 million times. “Apparently drinking lettuce water makes you sleepy. Sis don’t sleep, so I’m gonna try it out,” she told viewers in her video.

Unlike many other TikTok trends, there have been preliminary studies about the effects of lettuce on sleep. One study, which was conducted in South Korea in May 2017 and then published n the journal Food Science Biotechnology, as been heavily cited in support of lettuce water to improve sleep.

The study found that lettuce is a valuable source of sleep-potentiating material. The study also noted that using the extract of green romaine lettuce significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, and increased sleep duration when compared to other lettuces.

Multiple TikTok doctors and other health experts also shared videos that highlight the research lettuce water. Dr. Richard Brown, a board-certified plastic surgeon, pointed, and Jackie Newgent, RDN, a New York City–based dietitian, are two doctors who have pointed out that several types of lettuces, such as romaine, include lactucin and lactucarium, two compounds which can help with sleep.

Foods that are rich in fiber or nutrients like magnesium, including lettuce, can also people relax at night and fall asleep. Studies have shown that people who have insomnia tend to have lower magnesium intake, so eating vegetables like lettuce can improve their ability to fall and stay asleep.

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