Jonathan Creek, a BAFTA winning British mystery crime drama written by David Renwick. Starring Alan Davies as the main character who works as a creative consultant to a magician and helps solve mysteries through his keen eye, attention to detail and his talent for logical deduction. The mystery solver creative consultant teams up with an investigative crime writer as his partner to solve the mysteries. He has the natural ability to solve puzzles and looks at everything as a piece to the puzzle that needs to be put together. He believes in eliminating the impossible and whatever remains must be the truth.

Still from ‘Jonathan Creek’

In this episode, an exuberant artist is murdered in his plush South London home while his mistress is tied up and gagged with tape in his bedroom. The scene is made to look like a robbery gone wrong as items of jewellery are found dumped in the garden. The main suspect is the wronged wife, motive being revenge, but she has a cast iron alibi, how could she leave her city office to murder her husband without her PA seeing her leave. Is it her or someone else?

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