The cover of Mint June’s electronic techno experimental EP, ‘Surrending Nina.’

Artist: Mint June (Jeremy Jung)

EP: ‘Surrendering Nina;’ Released: January 31, 2022; Producer: Mint June

Being able to detach and liberate themselves from the harsh realities and influences of the conventional internet and technology-driven modern society is a powerful way for musicians to stand out and have their voices and messages heard. Los Angeles-based electronic-techno artist-producer Jeremy Jung, who has been performing under the stage name Mint June since 2019, is doing just that with his recently released five-track experimental EP, ‘Surrendering Nina.’

While discussing the album, Jung noted that each song has its own vibe that’s tailored to the overall ethos of the project. It portrays both the beauty and disorder of modern underground rave culture through the tale of the titular character, a part-time bartender who finds herself overindulging in drug use when she meets a new friend named Paige.

Inspired by such fellow electronic-house-industrial musicians as Peggy Gou, Kavinsky and Cliff Martinez, the first four tunes on Jung’s latest record highlight the experiences of modern underground rave culture. Overall, ‘Surrendering Nina’ further evolves his sound and liberates him from conventional electronic-techno music through exploration of diverse genres such as downtempo, house, industrial techno and experimental film score.

The artist’s new EP begins with one of its best entries, the techno-driven ‘Paige,’ which chronicles Nina’s initial interactions and growing friendship with the track’s eponymous character. Through the tune’s pulsating dance club beat that’s driven by a heavy bass, Jung highlights the optimistic start of the women’s friendship, and is an equally cheerful beginning to ‘Surrendering Nina.’

‘Paige’s immersive, laid back electronic beats give way to the album’s stellar sophomore entry, ‘You’ll Like It,’ which features a unique blend of electronic, experimental, techno and industrial beats. The song’s most notable feature is its intense heavy bass, adrenaline-inducing dance beat, which proves Jung isn’t afraid go against the norm with his music. The track also standouts thematically; its title implies that the eponymous character is trying to convince Nina that she’ll enjoy her time in the chaotic culture of the modern underground rave scene, which is supported by the tune’s unrestrained beats.

‘Surrendering Nina’ ends with another exceptional entry, ‘Nina,’ which infuses the project with of a sense of serenity that’s driven by alluring melodies and synths, instead of a pulsating bassline. The song reflects on its titular character’s contemplating on how modern rave culture has impacted her life, and not necessarily in all positive ways.

With the recent release of his new experimental EP, ‘Surrendering Nina,’ Jung proves that he’s able to detach himself from the harsh realities of the conventional internet and technology-driven modern society. The electronic-techno musician proves both his independence and versatility in his work with the the record’s engaging beats and instrumentals. His latest collection of tracks portrays both the beauty and disorder of modern underground rave culture through the tale of the eponymous protagonist on such tunes as ‘Paige,’ ‘You’ll Like It’ and ‘Nina.’ The songs allow both the character and artist to liberate themselves from overbearing influences, and assert their independence.

For more information on Mint June, visit his official website, as well as his Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram pages.

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