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Did you know that Emma Stone is one of the most requested celebrities people reference when seeking a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure?

Rhinoplasty was the most popular elective plastic surgery performed in 2020, beating out other procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation.

Celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Tyra Banks, Lisa Kudrow and more have all admitted to undergoing the procedure, joining those considered as good rhinoplasty candidates.

But with rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery more accessible than ever, one doesn’t need to be considered a celebrity to get a nose like one.

But what are some of the most popular types of celebrity noses that people seek out?

Emma Stone: The Celestial Nose

The celestial nose is one of those seeking elective rhinoplasty’s most sought-after nose shapes. This nose shape is also known as the button nose or upturned nose. It is defined by its smallness in size, a small dent on the nose bridge and a slightly protruding tip.

Actresses Emma Stone and Carey Mulligan have this particular nose shape.

Jennifer Aniston: Greek Nose

While Jennifer Aniston has admitted to rhinoplasty to help treat a deviated septum, her nose has largely remained unchanged from its Greek nose shape. The Greek nose is named after the way noses are often sculpted upon ancient Greek statues, perfectly straight and without any deviation, bumps or bends. Due to its near-perfect symmetry, this is a very rare nose shape to come by naturally, with an estimated 3% of the population having one.

Ryan Gosling: Roman Nose

The Roman nose is defined by a chiselled and strong shape like the Greek nose, but features a slight curve that slightly slopes the nose outward from the face. The roman nose is similar to the Greek nose, but more easily found among people naturally. This style of nose shape is most often favored by men seeking rhinoplasty, due largely in part to actors such as Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise having this style of the nose. However, this does not mean it is not also a shape perfectly suited for many women, with celebrities such as Meryl Streep sporting this style of the nose.

Elizabeth Taylor: Snub Nose

The snub nose is one of the most popular shapes sought out from women, as it is widely considered to be one of the most feminine shapes of the nose. Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly are known for this nose style, which is categorized by its small size, upward slope and rounded nose tip.

Kate Middleton: Duchess Nose

Ever since her emergence as the Duchess of Cambridge, attention and demand for Kate Middleton’s nose soared. The duchess nose is a straight cut, has a slight rotation on the tip and isn’t overly narrow on the face, either.

Other Popular Celebrity Noses

The above celebrity noses aren’t the only ones people try to emulate; here are a few other celebrities that are increasingly popular references that cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeons are seeing in their office:

• Kylie Jenner
• Bella Hadid
• Kaia Gerber
• Emma Watson
• Meghan Markle
• Blake Lively
• Beyonce
• Lucy Liu

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