Artist: Lauren G: Singer, songwriter and violinist

Music Video: ‘Main Focus;’ Released: May 18, 2022; Producer: Lauren G

Drawing inspiration from distinctly different viewpoints and contexts is a powerful motivator for musicians as they craft relatable lyrics and themes for their songs. New Haven, Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, Lauren G has masterfully done just that on her recently released single, ‘Main Focus,’ and its accompanying video.

The track, which captivatingly combines vocalization and instrumentation from such distinct genres as R&B, pop and hip-hop, was inspired in part by the musician’s mindset, experiences and ideas about feminism. As a result, she inspires her listeners, especially her female audience, to contemplate what they truly need and want in life. In particular, she points to the fact that ‘Main Focus’ outlines the different perspectives of two women getting tricked and manipulated by the same man.

Lauren G infused the overall production and music video for the tune with a stunning, memorable vocal presence and charismatic performance. ‘Main Focus’ showcases her powerfully distinct musical personality, as it combines contemporary melodies with her delicate but equally husky vocals that allow her to hit high notes. Her vocals are supported by stunning arrangement on the drums and bass.

The song’s music video is equally captivating, particularly through its stellar production design and cinematography. The video switches between showing the singer enjoying the time she’s spending with the man she’s romantically interested in around New York City, and powerfully proclaiming that she’s his main focus, and things will never change between them.

Meanwhile, the other woman the man has been romantically linked to is shown calling him the morning after they spent a night together in a hotel room, and is upset over them not forming a genuine bond. The close-up shots of the other woman becoming upset over the man leaving her compellingly showcase the drastically different, but equally authentic, emotions both women are experiencing in the situation.

The relatable, narrative-driven lyrics and captivating instrumental arrangements make ‘Main Focus’ a commanding, breakout single for the multifaceted Lauren G. Also with the accompanying visually stunning video, which prominently emphasizes the track’s themes, she further proves what a natural, tour-de-force and talented musician she is, and that she deserves to have a long-lasting, enduring career.

For more information on Lauren G, visit her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube channel.

R&B-pop-hip-hop singer-songwriter, Lauren G released the music video for her single, ‘Main Focus.’

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