Produced by horror master Mem Ferda, THE FEARWAY follows a young couple on the open road as they embark on what would have been a fun lover’s road trip. The plans hit a snag when a mysterious being follows, abuses, and harasses the couple as they desperately scrounge for help from anyone they can find. This exciting thriller will keep your pulse up for the duration of the couple’s harrowing journey.

Ferda captures it all with an eye and appreciation for classics like Robert Harmon’s ‘The Hitcher’ and Spielberg’s ‘Duel.’ He’s joined by the talented Robert Gajic and Noah Bessey to make the most of the open-road premise with brilliantly crafted suspense sequences that
give new meaning to “off-road chase.” The newest exhilarating slice of road trip horror is coming to you on November 14th, 2022.

Cast: Shannon Dalonzo, Justin Gordon, Eileen Dietz, John D Hickman and Simon Phillips.

Produced By: Mem Ferda
Directed by: Robert Gajic
Written by: Noah Bessey
Cinematographer: David Gordon

Release Date: November 14th, 2022 (USA)


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