Artist: Johanna Dadap: Lead vocals, backing vocals and acoustic
guitar; Paul ‘Taffy’ White: Electric guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and instrumentation

Single: ‘The World’s Gone Up In Smoke;’ Producer: White

Despite the vast differences in cultural views that are held by global societies, there are some universal issues that everyone around the world can embrace supporting, including protecting the environment. That important subject is the driving force behind musician Johanna Dadap’s latest single, ‘The World’s Gone Up In Smoke,’ as well as its accompanying video. The Filipino pop singer-songwriter-composer gives an impassioned plea in superb vocals for foresight and wisdom in saving the world during a time when appreciation for the Earth isn’t always shown.

At just 19 years of age, the young artist is a true beacon of hope and inspiration when it comes to creating positive change. Inspired by several of her fellow contemporary pop singer-songwriters-instrumentalists, including Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth, Dadap connects with her listeners as she encourages them to start taking notice of what’s happening to the world around them.

The musician’s nuanced alto vocals throughout ‘The World’s Gone Up In Smoke’s five-minute runtime, which are set against reverberated acoustic guitar lines and an elegant piano, are full of texture and heartache. The subdued instrumentation and arrangement provide the perfect sonic palate for Dadap to shine as she emphasizes the importance of caring for the world and not taking advantage of all of its resources. She adds that despite all the current efforts to save the environment, the message isn’t being heard by many people, and something drastic must be done to prevent the Earth’s final fall.

The song’s accompanying music video is simple but equally effective and emotional. In idyllic cinematography, the artist is shown singing and playing guitar in a serene, beautiful meadow that hasn’t been tainted by pollution or any other human contamination. Surrounded by endearing images of birds and trees, Dadap’s simple performance emphasizes the importance of people and animals being able to connect with an unharmed world.

In superb vocals, Dadap gives an impassioned plea for people around the world to start protecting the Earth’s environment in her latest single and its accompanying video. The talented singer-songwriter infused ‘The World’s Gone Up In Smoke’ with a powerful foresight and wisdom about the importance of saving the environment during a time when appreciation for the Earth isn’t always shown. Through her nuanced vocals and their accompanying exquisite, textured instrumentals that are featured on the track, as well as its accompanying video’s vibrant imagery, the musician emphasizes the importance of humanity being able to appreciate the Earth enough in order to save it.

For more information on Dadap, visit her Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist, Johanna Dadap has released the music video for her latest single, ‘The World’s Gone Up In Smoke.’

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