On TV – No1 Streaming TV site in the World arrives in the USA
Alki David’s Entertainment Companies have repeatedly been attacked and defamed by the Major Television Networks in America.  The Following a timeline of events that led to Alki David V Tom Girardi et al – The high stakes corporate cat and mouse battles resulted in David’s character and corporations being systematically defamed – And a concerted assault on David’s personality and character by corrupt Lawyers and Judges, bring us up today today to – David Et Al Vs Tom Girardi et Al

FilmOn Investigator / former CIA John Quirk Killed in Hit & Run Turkey Istanbul

John Quirk former CIA operative and Asset Location expert was investigating Gloria Allred’s Assets when Mr. Quirk was tragically killed in a hit and run ain Istanbul Turkey Gloria R. Allred-Comprehensive Report-1

FilmOn FCC Attorney Rebecca Rini Killed Suddenly

Rebecca Rini was highly respected and highly effective in Washington DC. Her untimely mysterious death left many organizations in disarray.

FilmOn Private Attorney Barry Rothman Killed

The mysterious death of Barry Rothman who died in a dentists chair of asphyxia. Barry was FilmOn CEO Alki David’s personal attorney who witnessed many wrongdoings to Alki and made every effort to protect him.

His untimely death cased many problems for Alki and his team,. Evidence was lost or buried. At the time of his death Barry was in talks with Whisteblowers regarding the concerted conspiracy to defraud Alki David.

Barry Rothman personal attorney to Alki David was handling the Allred and Bloom sexual harassment claims like Elizabeth Taylor who has repeatedly been proven to have set up Alki David with the intent to defame destroy and extort him.


FilmOn TV – sued by All Major TV Networks



  • FilmOn Counter Sues accusing CBS NBC FOX and ABC of gross  misconduct

  • Child including child pornography and Mass Copyright Infringement

Read Hollywood Reporter article

The broadcasters sued FilmOn in 2013, around the same time they challenged another streaming company called Aereo for publicly performing copyrighted programming. After Aereo went under thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, FilmOn continued to litigate with the proposition that since the high court justices likened streaming operations to a cable system, it was entitled to a compulsory license under Section 111 of the Copyright Act.

FOTV CEO Alki David is a World leading expert in Internet Streaming and Audio Video technologies along with expert knowledge of International copyright law. Having graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in Film Production David is from a prominent Greek family that controls the bottling operations of Coca-Cola in 28 Countries.

FilmOn TV And Major TV Networks Settle

FilmOn launches Cable TV Battlecam on KILM over the air television in Los Angeles – No 1 late night show on Cable TV

FOTV Original Content – movies films and Television Satellite Broadcast North America and Europe

2014 FilmOn is defamed by DoubleVerify

a Comcast Ventures owned operation used to qualify online advertisers.

FilmOn sues Double Verify for Corporate Defamation / Comcast owns 200 major American properties in competition with FOTV

2014 FOTV lanches BarryDriller.com a competitive TV site to Aereo TV / Aereo loses bid

FOTV laucnhes MondoTunes Partnership with Sony and Universal Music / Global e store distribution

Aereo sues FilmOn for copyright use on Barry Diller’s name

FilmOn Counter counter sues for use of the name name Aero TV tuning techmnology which FilmOn acquired

Competitor Aereo Loses in Supreme Court and is wiped out

FilmOn Founder Committed to “Poking the Giants in the Eye”

NEW YORK–Alki David, the Greek billionaire behind the hybrid over-the-air/Internet service FilmOn, is always up for a good fight if he believes he’s right. He wants people to know that despite the Supreme Court decision basically shutting own the Aereo multichannel video service, and the many lawsuits he himself has had to fight, he and his company is sticking around because, he said, he wants to “truly put the control of content in the hands of the people.”

FilmOn Wins Big Ruling On Compulsory Copyright License

FilmOn continues and pre loads in 800 Million Lenovo Devices and IMB Think Pads


FilmOn wins surprising court victory against broadcast nets

Jul. 16, 2015 4:40 PM ETParamount Global (PARA)DIS, CMCSA, FOXA, FOX, PARABy: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor
  • A surprising district court ruling goes against big broadcast networks, and could produce an unexpected outcome after a similar case shut down TV streamer Aereo a year ago.
  • Judge George Wu ruled in favor of small streaming company FilmOn, saying it may be entitled to a compulsory license of programming made by big broadcasters including CBS, ABC (NYSE:DIS), NBC (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Fox (FOX, FOXA). That could mean a major disruption of broadcast revenues as well as the broadcasters’ steps into over-the-top streaming.

Streaming TV laws in USA change to support online streaming and VOD

FilmOn Cited As Gold Standard by FCC

Federal Communications Commission FCC Notice for Proposed Rule Making NPRM /

Chairman Wheeler led initiative and helped extensively with FilmOn’s in house FCC Attormneyel Rebecca Rini was killed suddenly in the midst of helping FOTV establish itself as a leader in trhe digital TV space. Her death left FilmOm exposed and the nprm was shuttered.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-SakauyeFilmOn and Cinemanow were the only Independent cited in that NPRM amidst all the major Media Networks in the USA.


FilmOn Attorney Rebecca Rini Killed Suddenly

FilmOn and Cinemanow both FOTV Companies showcased by Federal Communications Comissioon FCC / as the gold standard for TV streaming and VOD for the new world of TV

FOTV creates HologramUSA and acquires Patents of the Tupac Hologram Technology and goes on to create

Presidential Library Regan Hologram

Image of Gloria Allred appearing with Alki David and Lisa Bloom and Kato Kaelin on HLN with Dr Drew

Fast & Furious Theme Park Ride Universal Studios

ABC Television’s Jimmy Kilmmel three years in a row –  Hologram Show Broadcast – beating Tonight Show for first time

Sample of many texts from Evidence that was buried after FilmOn Attorney Barry K Rothman was killed suddenly

October, 2019 ~ SEC Sues Hologram USA and Alki David over alleged fraud in an IPO offering.


Finally, in 2020, the SEC and David settled, but not until David spent nearly $100 Million of his own money in his Ventures. The SEC fined Hologram USA $120,000. David was barred from being a CEO of a public company for five years (though he could still own one). Importantly, David was not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

David Wirchafter CEO of William Morris Endevor and Ari Emanuel meet with Alki David to discuss representation

Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom meet Alki David at CNN Studio now owned by Comcast.

Gloria Allred Comcast Employee meets with FOTV Ex employee Elizabeth Taylor who is disgruntled at being fired and makes sexual allegations about FOTV’s CEO Alki David. After three years of defaming David and Companies. On the day o the actual trial Taylor dropped the sexual harassment allegations

FilmOn Private Attorney Barry Rothman Killed

Barry Rothman personal attorney to Alki David was handling the Allred and Bloom sexual harassment claims like Elizabeth Taylor who has repeatedly been proven to have set up Alki David with the intent to steal from him.

David launches first Public Offering bid and is summarily shut down by SEC, Gloria Allred with two of David’s ex employees Lauren Reeves and Mahim Kahn and a gay employee Karl Zirpel, sues David and his companies for harassment.

Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom also a Comcast employee, sues Alki David with two other ex employees Chasity Jones and Elizabeth Taylor. Leveraging FOTV public offering was discussed by the ex employees and lawyers who included

Tom Girardi, Michael Avenatti, Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, Keith Griffin, Gary Dordick. David is repeatedly defamed discredited and personally attacked in a number of ways whilst maintaining his total innocence.

In the trials that followed: Elizabeth Taylor and Karl Zirpel who both made spurious and untrue  claims over sexual harassment and continued to defame David for years after, eventually DROPPED their sexual harassment claims on the day of trial

Like every Court Room David has been to in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

FOTV and David relaunch public offering as Hologram USA but is then red flagged  by the SEC / Yitsock Klug, Adam Grace and Sanjay on the day of the company launch on NASDAQ

Attacks of David increase legally and personally even physically attacking him in his own home in Malibu CA

Series of highly contentious lawsuits against David and his Companies by Allred and Bloom begin

Girardi Judges affected by Girardi Keese corruption

Michelle Williams Court / Mahim Kahn

Rafael Ongecko / Chasity Jones

Terry Green / Lauren Reeves

Yolanda Orozco

IMPORTANT – Terry Green was presiding judge on FilmOn Vs Double Verify (Comcast Co)

After Judge Terry Green at LA Superior Court denied the suit it went all the Supreme Court of California and was overturned Judge Lui / Elizabeth Taylor

David prevails against Elizabeth Taylor 8 / 4 overtuirning whilst representing himself despite the large scale perjury and obstruction of justice repeatedly committed by the Girardi Syndicate

IMPORTANT appeals Court Panel was headed by Lui’s father over who inserted wrongful declarations by one Gary Shoefield a former employee of FOTV – who declares that his testimony was fabricated and inerted by Lui wrongfully.

Girardi Keese / Alki David is accused of raping ex employee Marguerita Nichols. This is quickly dis-proven and Nicholls leaves the country and hides in Lebanon from the predatory lawyer Tom Girardi et al who drafted Nichols’ complaint.

David begins a campaign of exposing Girardi and his Comcast funded mob.

Tom Girardi and wife Erika Jayne both Comcast employees plus Lisa Bloom her mother Gloria Allred and Michael Avennatti

4th State Bar Complaint filed against Girardi Keese and Allred and Bloom by David goes unresponded to / This complaint was filed by Murray Greenberg a former working colleage of Girardi’s at the State Bar. Greenberg is now hiding from retribution in Arizona.

California Judge Yolanda Orozco has been recalled by lawyer Ronda Kennedy after she was corrupted by disgraced attorneys Tom Girardi and Gloria Allred.




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