Girardi Syndicate henchman debt collector Joseph Chora from L.A.-based law firm, Chora Young is at it again. The Girardi State Bar crime syndicate of Governor Gavin Newsom, Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred plus her nit wit daughter Lisa Bloom and a string of corrupt judges, lawyers and authorities.

Sinaloa funded lawyer walks into trap! Chora Arrives at Billionaire Alki David’s Malibu Residence & Sheriff’s Detectives Watching

Chora, through his shady connections at the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept showed up at billionaire businessman Alki David’s Malibu home on Friday to “video document” assets to satisfy judgments against Mr. David.

The judgements are for Chastity Jones, a convicted felon who filed a wrongful claim against Mr. David and his companies. Unbeknownst to Chora, the sheriffs were accompanied by Sheriffs Detectives who remained in unmarked surveillance vehicles to document the whole thing.

Court documents show Chasity Jones with boyfriend R Kelly Conspired To Extort

Chora was further surprised to see that present was also the shadowy figure Juan O Savin, staying at David’s residence. David pointed at O Savin yelling at Chora that he (Juan O Savin) “would put Chora in jail for his evil wrondoings”

Mr. David has been working with his in house team of lawyers and investigators against a corrupt California State Bar that has allowed corrupt lawyers and judges to indiscriminately target wealthy corporations and individuals.

As Chora makes the rounds of David’s home, Alki starts to unload on Chora in a breathtaking way. “Did you know that Chora’s 30 year old daughter Jasmine Chora has been arrested for prostitution multiple times at the Chora family home? That will tell you what kind of people we are dealing with here” screams David at Chora through a the 23 minute tirade.

This remarkable video shot by Mr David (careful kiddies there’s some very colorful language) documents the entire search of the Malibu residence. Room to room, closet to closet as David lays into the lawyer about the Girardi crime syndicate, Sinaloa Cartel bribes and misuse of the judiciary system.

David’s video also features an appearance from L.A. based legal consultant Dana Cole who recently was on Good Morning America, who supports David. The attorney shared that after the search the Sheriffs Detective said he’s “a friend of (David Nino Rodriguez) and is on Alki’s side.” @NinosCorner is one of many celebrities to support Alki David.

“Mr. David has been wrongfully targeted for the past 12 years by a broken judiciary and legal system funded by the Sinaloa Cartels.

The businessman has vehemently denied any allegations, claiming that “not a single fucking penny will be paid to anybody” and has appealed these verdicts multiple times in a “corrupt California court system”. We at ShockYa have known Alki for many years, he’s a kind and generous man and we believe that truth will ultimately prevail.

Big legal news to be announced in the coming days and don’t forget the release of the The Hunter Biden Sinaloa sex tapes. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be spicy!


By Jeff Stevens

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