Former Vice President Mike Pence. Photo courtesy: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke exclusively with Sean Hannity in an interview on Fox News, where he didn’t hold back his criticism of President Joe Biden‘s administration. Pence pointed out multiple examples of the Biden administration’s failed leadership at home and abroad, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, and record-high inflation.

The former Vice President expressed his concern over the Biden administration’s handling of Russia’s invasion Ukraine, as Russia continues to amass troops and threaten the country’s sovereignty. He criticized the administration’s lack of action and stated that the United States needs to stand with Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Pence also highlighted the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it a “historic failure.” He criticized the administration’s decision to abandon American citizens and Afghan allies, leaving them at the mercy of the Taliban. He further stated that the Biden administration’s actions have weakened America’s standing in the world and emboldened our enemies.

In addition, Pence voiced his concerns about the record-high inflation rates in the United States, which he believes is a direct result of the Biden administration’s reckless spending policies. He stated that this is a burden on the American people and that the administration must take responsibility for its actions.

Throughout the interview, Pence made it clear that the Biden administration’s weakness and lack of leadership are having dire consequences for America and the world. He called on the administration to take action and restore America’s leadership on the world stage.

President Joe Biden. Photo courtesy: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Pence’s interview with Hannity highlighted the Biden administration’s failed leadership at home and abroad. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and record-high inflation, the former vice president made it clear that the administration’s actions are weakening America and emboldening our enemies. Pence‚Äôs message is clear – the Biden administration must take responsibility and take action to restore America’s leadership in the world.

By Grady Owen

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