Tom Girardi is facing 20 years in prison so is Gloria Allred’s partner Nathan Goldberg.

Four Murdered Lawyers & Murray Greenberg In Hiding over Sinaloa Sex Tapes

The same Tom Girardi who claims to be the “Erin Brockovich Lawyer” made famous by Julia Robert’s Oscar Winning movie by the same name; later married TV personality Erika Jayne Girardi from Comcast NBC’s’ Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Gloria Allred for one, has repeatedly assured the public that she has no relationship to Tom Girardi other than casually knowing him, when they both graduated Loyola Law School in Hollywood over 40 years ago.

Allred has also assured the IRS that shes worth $20 Million Dollars where as in fact shes been stashing away $200 Million Dollars in undeclared assets.

Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg are both attorneys and have worked together on a number of fraudulent cases with Girardi. Nathan Goldberg is a partner at Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, a law firm founded by Gloria Allred in 1976.

According the Supreme Court’s latest ruling, partners are liable in litigation against another partner.

Nathan Goldberg and Tom Girardi have been involved in multiple legal cases TOGETHER over 40 years. Shockya first exposed that they were BOTH DEFENDANTS in at least FIVE different lawsuits related to the law firm Girardi Keese. These cases include:

Edelson PC v. Girardi Keese et al.
Lockridge v. Girardi Keese et al.
Alcoa Inc. v. Girardi Keese et al.
Jaguar v. Girardi Keese et al.
Law Finance Group Holdings v. Girardi Keese et al.

Uber Corrupt Goldberg has been working with Allred for over 40 years and has been involved in some of the firm’s most significant cases, including representing victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Nathan Goldberg, Tom Girardi, and Gloria Allred are all well-known Comcast lawyers promoted heavily by Comcast owned TV channels, in the legal field.

Nathan Goldberg is a lawyer who has worked with Erin Brockovich and was involved in the case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Tom Girardi was a prominent trial lawyer in Los Angeles who had been involved in several high-profile cases, representing clients against Pacific Gas and Electric Company that Erin Brockovich was involved in

So Tom was just a side lawyer, Goldberg was the real Brockovich-guy apparently, who left his firm in the 90s to join Allred and continue their insurance liens racket that Shockya exposed.

Accused of far greater sins than just insurance liens, Allred and Girardi and Goldberg are all suspected of being responsible for the murder of lawyers Phil Kay, John Quirk, Barry Rothman and Rebecca Rini. Shockya will continue to expose these shady characters – Stay Tuned.

See Allred’s $200 Million Dollars in undeclared assets

It;s open season on Gloria Allred!

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