Anheuser-Busch’s CEO, Brendan Whitworth, has spoken out about the backlash surrounding Bud Light’s recent marketing campaign featuring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. The campaign has drawn criticism from some groups who feel that the ad was divisive and inappropriate.

Whitworth addressed the issue on Friday, stating that the company had never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people. He emphasized that Anheuser-Busch is in the business of bringing people together over a beer and that the company is committed to ensuring every consumer feels proud of the beer they brew.

“As the CEO of a company founded in America’s heartland more than 165 years ago, I am responsible for ensuring every consumer feels proud of the beer we brew. We’re honored to be part of the fabric of this country,” Whitworth said.

Whitworth, a former Navy pilot, also spoke about his commitment to accountability and the values upon which America was founded, including freedom, hard work, and respect for one another. He emphasized that he cares deeply about this country, this company, their brands, and their partners.

“I spend much of my time traveling across America, listening to and learning from our customers, distributors, and others. Moving forward, I will continue to work tirelessly to bring great beers to consumers across our nation,” Whitworth added.

Anheuser-Busch is one of the largest beer companies in the world, employing over 18,000 people and having thousands of partners and millions of fans. The company has a proud history of supporting communities, military, first responders, sports fans, and hard-working Americans everywhere.

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.