The Wisconsin Elections Commission

A Dane County Judge has ordered the Wisconsin Elections Commission to reopen a complaint made against Republicans accused of submitting a false slate of electors in the 2020 presidential election. Judge Frank Remington issued the order, stipulating that the complaint filed by SEIU Wisconsin State Council Executive Director Paul Sickel be reheard without the involvement of GOP Commissioner Bob Spindell, who was found to be one of the false electors.

Last year, in a closed session where Spindell was present, the commission unanimously voted to reject Sickel’s complaint. However, this new order from Remington forces the commission to reconsider the case, without Spindell’s participation.

“I’m going to issue a written decision, but surprise, surprise, I’m going to come to the conclusion, as all the parties have, that the appropriate remedy is to vacate the decision of the WEC and remand it back for further proceedings, which don’t include Commissioner Spindell,” Remington said.

The issue of false electors has been a contentious one in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, with some Republicans accused of submitting fake slates of electors in an attempt to undermine the certifying of the election results. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has been under scrutiny for its handling of the election, with some alleging bias and impropriety.

This new order from Judge Remington is likely to add to the controversy and heighten tensions surrounding the issue. The case will now be reheard by the commission, with the hopes of reaching a resolution that is fair and unbiased. However, with accusations of voter fraud and political manipulation running rampant, many are not optimistic about the outcome.

By Grady Owen

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