Joseph Chora is a lawyer based in Los Angeles (Chora Young Massarian) who is known on the street for his cruel and corrupt nature. He has been connected to several unethical practices, including involvement in Jasmine Chora’s (his daughter) arrest for prostitution at Chora’s own home. Twice.

Above – Joseph Chora – became an attorney at the California State Bar late in life

There is a real issue of corrupt sheriff gangs in LA, who can be hired by individuals like Chora to target wealthy individuals or exploit insurance policies through a network of corrupted legal processes within the LA Courts system. Chora is associated with Tom Girardi, who is currently facing a 20-year sentence, and Michael Avenatti, both of whom are LA lawyers involved in corruption charges. Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg are also collaborators with Girardi and Avenatti.

This group of lawyers has a history of targeting rich and famous individuals, often appearing on television and using fabricated or exploited cases to destroy careers, families, and institutions. They often aim to obtain fast settlements and insurance payouts. Some of their victims include Kanye West, Rose McGowan, and Alkiviades David, a Hollywood entertainment mogul known for his famous Hologram tech shows featuring resurrected artists like Tupac and Michael Jackson. Alki was living with his longtime girlfriend Leila in their Malibu home when Chora and his team conducted an illegal search with a fabricated search and seizure warrant.

Above – Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs for hire outside Alkiviades David’s Malibu beach house with a fake take to sell warrant that was never issued

A fale Search and Retrieve warrant was never issued. A County Clerk from 100 miles away signed an order that was never issued, arranged by Chora who is fully aware that he was abusing his power as a lawyer and that his actions are wrongful and criminal.

He is part of the corrupt Girardi syndicate, which is believed to have corrupted the entire California Judiciary system. Alki, who suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident at the age of 18, has been targeted by Chora, Girardi, Avenatti, Allred, and others through false accusations and a corrupted legal process in the LA civil courts.

Vader, Alki’s trusted service dog trained to detect seizures, has been a particular target of Chora’s attacks. Chora has lied to the court about Vader biting people in order to harm Alki mentally and emotionally. As a result, Alki spent six days in isolation in the notorious LA County jail downtown, despite having no criminal record. Judge Falls and Joseph Chora are now defendants in a billion-dollar tort suit, and Chora is also named in an anti-trust suit against Comcast, along with other corrupted criminal lawyers.

Alki’s disability and his service dog Vader are constantly under attack by Chora. There have been multiple break-ins at Alki’s Malibu home, including one incident involving Terry Vance, a career criminal with a history of violence, who may have been sent by Chora to intimidate or harm Alki. Shortly after, Chora himself showed up at Alki’s house with a gang of paid sheriffs deputies and squad cars to seize goods, claiming it was a legal operation. They took electronic equipment and valuable items, as well as personal belongings such as Leila’s gifted nude pictures to Alki.

Chora also targeted Leila through depositions and harassment.

Above – Terry Vance Luce convicted Murderer attempting to break in while calling Alkis Girlfriend Leila

Alki continues to fight legal battles against Chora, Girardi, Allred, and others. He has federal racketeering and anti-trust suits in progress, and the Swiss attorney general is investigating their attempts to steal Alki’s Swiss mountain chalet, where his elderly mother resides.

Meanwhile, sheriff detectives are investigating Chora’s activities, and Alki’s legal suits are slowly progressing through the judicial process. It is crucial to stop Joseph Chora before he continues to ruin lives, including that of his own daughter, Jasmine.

Right now we can see in one of Leila’s EarPods that’s sitting in Chora’s office. And not where it’s meant to be in the Sheriff’s lock up.

Bad people do stupid things.

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.