In a move that has caught the attention of many, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has initiated a probe into Chair Lina Khan’s management of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This investigation stems from complaints of alleged abuse of power within the agency, which has raised concerns among various companies and trade groups, including the Chamber of Commerce.

The FTC, responsible for enforcing antitrust laws and combating deceptive marketing practices, has recently come under fire for its increasingly aggressive approach to investigations and law enforcement. Khan’s push for a more assertive stance has attracted criticism and triggered an examination of the agency’s ability to perform its duties effectively and with integrity.

In a letter addressed to Khan and other agency officials, Comer references the concerns expressed by former commissioner Christine Wilson, who is a Republican. Comer writes, “We are concerned that the developments at the Commission cataloged by Commissioner Wilson and others could undermine consumers’ and markets’ confidence in the Commission’s ability to perform its functions effectively and with integrity.”

One of the specific incidents mentioned in Comer’s letter is related to a transaction involving Meta Platforms, the parent company of social media giant Facebook. Wilson accused Khan of abusing her power by voting against Meta’s acquisition of virtual reality content maker Within. Wilson argued that Khan had expressed her opinion before joining the FTC, stating that Meta should be prohibited from making further acquisitions. According to Wilson, this should have led to Khan’s recusal from participating in the FTC’s discussions and decisions regarding the deal.

Despite the FTC’s efforts to challenge the acquisition in court, they ultimately lost the case, and the Meta-Within deal proceeded as planned. The outcome of this legal battle further intensified the debate surrounding Khan’s management of the agency.

In response to the probe initiated by the House Oversight Committee, FTC spokesperson Douglas Farrar expressed confidence in Chair Khan and the agency’s commitment to protecting American consumers and ensuring fair competition in the economy. Farrar stated, “Under Chair Khan, the FTC is proud to be defending American consumers from harm and ensuring fair competition in the economy. We look forward to working with Congress to dispel former Commissioner Wilson’s imaginative allegations.”

As the investigation unfolds, the committee has requested various documents related to the probe. They are seeking unredacted records pertaining to whether Khan should have recused herself from discussions regarding Meta’s acquisition of Within, as well as discussions concerning the use of delay tactics to deter or prevent corporate mergers.

This probe initiated by House Republicans sheds light on the ongoing tensions surrounding the FTC’s approach under Chair Lina Khan’s leadership. The investigation aims to address concerns raised by former commissioner Christine Wilson and others, regarding the agency’s ability to carry out its mission effectively and maintain public trust.

In conclusion, the allegations of abuse of power at the FTC have prompted the House Oversight Committee to launch an investigation into Chair Lina Khan’s management. The probe seeks to address concerns raised by former commissioner Christine Wilson and aims to ensure the agency’s ability to function effectively and with integrity. As the investigation progresses, the public awaits further developments and the resolution of these pressing concerns.

By Grady Owen

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