Market Report: Swissx REDD++ Blue Carbon Credits

Release Date: 2023-11-05

In a remarkable shift in the carbon credits market, Swissx has announced the availability of an unprecedented volume of REDD++ Blue Coral Carbon Credits, also recognized as Swissx Blue Carbon Credits. As of today, these credits amounting to 100 million tons are being offered for futures and options contracts with durations of 10 and 20 years, marking a significant influx of tradable assets in the carbon market.

Aerial view of coral reef in the crystal clear sea and tropical lagoon, 11 Mile Beach, Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies, Caribbean

Blue Coral / Sustainably Farmed Carbon Credits REDD++

Current Market Overview

  • Current Market Price: $82 per ton
  • Opening Offer Price: $60 per ton for futures and options contracts
  • Forecast: Rising trend anticipated in the foreseeable future

Source and Verification

These carbon credits have been derived from a substantial expanse of 28 million acres of sustainably managed coral fields. The credentials of these credits are solidified by their verification through the reputable Swedish Authentication Registry, Carbon Core. The verification process ensures that the credits meet the highest standards of environmental integrity and contribute to genuine sustainable development.

The Antigua and Barbuda Initiative

At the heart of this initiative is the Antigua and Barbuda Carbon Credits Registry, known as the Farmer Antigua Trust. This initiative, propelled by Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s government, is a revolutionary step toward the equitable distribution of the nation’s natural wealth among its citizens. The scheme is designed to empower the 110,000 residents of Antigua by distributing the nation’s wealth derived from natural resources, using the innovative Swissx Ripple Token as a means of transaction.

Market Implications

The offering of Swissx Blue Carbon Credits is expected to stir significant interest among environmentally conscious investors and companies striving to meet their carbon-neutral goals. The attractively low entry price of $60 per ton for long-term contracts is poised to draw attention in the carbon trading market, where prices are already experiencing an upward trajectory.

Strategic Environmental Impact

The sustainable farming of coral fields represents a critical effort in preserving marine biodiversity and combating climate change. Blue Carbon Credits are pivotal in the fight against global warming, as they fund the conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems like mangroves, segrass meadows, and coral reefs, which are essential in sequestering carbon.

Market Report:

The introduction of Swissx REDD++ Blue Carbon Credits offers a dual opportunity for environmental impact and economic benefit. Investors looking to contribute to sustainability while capitalizing on the growing demand for carbon credits will find Swissx’s offering particularly appealing. The transparency and robust authentication process, alongside the government-led initiative, enhance the credits’ reliability and social goodwill. As climate action becomes increasingly urgent, such innovative financial instruments will play a vital role in driving global carbon reduction efforts.

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