In a surprising exchange, President Luis Abinader of the Dominican Republic didn’t mince words as he called out President Joe Biden’s frequent beach vacations amidst pressing global issues. Abinader’s comments, coupled with upcoming diplomatic events, are stirring up controversy.

Abinader, expressing both criticism and humor, remarked on Biden’s beach tendencies in the face of intense international conflicts, notably the ongoing situation in Israel. Despite the criticism, Abinader extended an invitation to Biden for the Summit of the Americas in 2025, humorously suggesting that Punta Cana’s beaches would be at the president’s disposal.

The Republican National Committee joined the conversation, highlighting statistics that indicate Biden has spent a significant portion of his presidency away from the Oval Office. This criticism comes at a time when Biden’s absence during critical events, like the devastating fires in Maui, has drawn widespread attention.

While critics argue that Biden’s off-site presence raises concerns, White House deputy spokesperson Andrew Bates defended the president’s work ethic. Bates emphasized that modern presidents can effectively manage their duties from any location, addressing concerns about Biden’s responsiveness during crises.

The controversy surrounding Biden’s work habits, coupled with diplomatic engagements and Abinader’s invitation, sets the stage for a potentially contentious Summit of the Americas in Punta Cana. As the debate rages on, questions about presidential responsibilities and presence remain at the forefront of public discourse.

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.