Los Angeles, CA – In a twisted tale that seems pulled from a neo-noir crime novel, LA-based probate attorney Joseph Chora is now at the center of a scandalous criminal saga involving burglary, exploitation, and deep-seated corruption.

Authorities report that Chora, renowned for navigating the shadowy waters of estate law, allegedly conscripted members of the homeless community to burglarize the Malibu mansion of philanthropist Alki David. This shocking revelation casts a long, dark shadow on the integrity of legal professionals within the City of Angels.

Two armed men who broke into Malibu residence now facing 12 years imprisonment. Joseph Chora  orchestrated this and several other break ins.


The tale unravels further with the revelation that Chora had previously orchestrated an illicit raid on David’s property. During a spine-chilling incident, David’s long-time girlfriend was reportedly home alone, facing the terrifying ordeal orchestrated by the attorney’s machinations. Details emerging from court documents suggest that the search and seize warrant obtained by Chora was not just unlawful but maliciously intended to invade the personal lives of the inhabitants. A book containing intimate photographs of David’s partner was stolen, a grotesque violation of privacy that has both shocked and appalled the community.

Adding to the string of felonies, Chora is accused of pilfering the DVR containing security camera footage. The recordings are said to include evidence of a harrowing attempt by convicted murderer Terry Vance Luce to infiltrate David’s home merely two weeks prior to the scandal breaking. This theft has potentially dire implications, as it could have been a move to obliterate evidence of multiple break-ins, six of which were reportedly perpetrated by street vagrants.

Convicted murderer Terry Vance Luce attempts to break into David’s Malibu residence.

The city’s underbelly continues to be exposed as two of these vagrants, found with weapons on David’s property, are currently facing severe legal repercussions. The local district attorney is seeking sentences of up to 12 years in prison, an attempt to bring some semblance of justice to the unsettling series of events.

But the sinister saga does not end with burglary and theft. Joseph Chora, a figure once in close association with the disgraced LA attorney Tom Girardi, is alleged to have descended further into moral bankruptcy by soliciting men to engage in sexual activities with his own daughter, Jasmine Chora. Jasmine, who has been arrested for prostitution at Chora’s Glendale home on two separate occasions, is now a tragic figure caught in the web of her father’s nefarious actions.

The community recoils as the details unfold, leaving many to question the sanctity of the legal protectors meant to uphold justice and decency. The investigation continues to unearth layers of corruption, leaving the citizens of Los Angeles waiting with bated breath for what may be revealed next in this dark chapter of their city’s history.

More details will be forthcoming as this story develops, and it remains to be seen how deep the roots of this corruption have spread. Stay with us as we follow this story closely, delivering updates as they become available.


Joseph Chora/Daughter Jasmine Chora arrested twice for prostitution in Chora’s home.


By Grady Owen

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