President Donald Trump, backed by key endorsements, promises a renewed focus on veterans’ issues and a robust missile defense shield during a passionate New Hampshire rally.

In a fiery rally in Derry, NH, former President Donald Trump, buoyed by endorsements from New Hampshire conservatives, took center stage, addressing key issues concerning veterans, foreign policy, and the state of the nation. With a 32-point lead over his nearest competitor, Nikki Haley, Trump emphasized his commitment to America’s veterans and criticized the Biden administration’s approach to military and foreign affairs.

Trump highlighted his track record in supporting veterans, from signing the VA Accountability Act to making VA Choice permanent. He criticized the current administration’s handling of VA reforms and pledged to redirect funds towards building a new state-of-the-art V.A. hospital in New Hampshire, also promising to tackle veteran homelessness.

The former president turned his attention to global affairs, expressing concern over the state of world peace under President Biden. Trump promised to prevent World War Three, citing his experience and commitment to “Peace Through Strength.” He criticized Biden’s perceived weakness on the international stage and asserted his capability to handle foreign leaders like Putin, Xi, and Kim Jong Un.

Trump recounted achievements from his previous term, including the obliteration of the ISIS caliphate, termination of terrorist leaders, and the historic Abraham Accords. He pledged to settle the Russia-Ukraine conflict shortly after assuming office, emphasizing the need for a state-of-the-art missile defense shield.

Addressing domestic issues, Trump spoke about border security, emphasizing his success in building over 500 miles of border wall and securing 28,000 soldiers from Mexico. He pledged to terminate Biden’s open borders policies and implement strong ideological screening for immigrants.

Expressing concerns about the nation’s economic state, Trump vowed to stop Biden’s inflation disaster and rebuild the economy. He criticized the current administration’s handling of international relations and stressed the importance of putting America first.

In a rallying cry for the 2024 election, Trump positioned himself as the solution to what he sees as a failing nation. With promises to tackle domestic and international challenges, he called on supporters to secure a “massive victory” in the New Hampshire primary and pledged to lead the charge against the perceived threats of the Deep State, globalists, and left-leaning ideologies.

By Grady Owen

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