[Geneva, Switzerland] – In what appears to be a gripping narrative of deception, power, and environmental politics, the usually serene city of Geneva is now the epicenter of a sensational legal drama. At the heart of this storm are top attorneys from Verra, a premier carbon credits verification agency, clashing with Alki David, Antigua’s Ambassador At Large for the Environment.

Sources have unveiled a scandalous plot, initially hidden in the guise of hurricane relief efforts for Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island, devastated by a recent hurricane. Allegations are rife that Ambassador David was on the cusp of exposing a complex fraud in the hurricane relief funding, a revelation that threatened to expose deep-rooted corruption, potentially involving senior figures at Blacklane’s Agency.

David, a dedicated environmental activist, founded BIOS, a non-profit organization focused on marine protection, in his native Greece in 1995. Over the years, he has been actively involved in numerous global marine-based initiatives. A significant highlight in his career was in 2008 when BIOS, in collaboration with David’s FILMON TV company, produced a record-setting event featuring Herbert Nitsch from Austria. Nitsch achieved the deepest dive ever on a single breath of air, a feat accomplished by no other human before. This event was not just a showcase of human endurance and capability but also served as a platform to draw attention to the deteriorating state of the global marine environment.

From the dingy Alki David leans over Herbert Nitsch

after just having established the deepest dive in history on a single breath of air.

No Limit Freedive in June 2007: Nitsch achieved a world record in the “No Limit” discipline by descending to a depth of 214 meters (702 feet)??. This particular discipline is considered extremely dangerous due to the freedom it allows divers in terms of descent and ascent methods. In “No Limit” freediving, divers can use weighted sleds for descending and air-filled balloons or other buoyancy devices for ascending?. David produced this event for his Streaming Site FilmOn.TV

Central to David’s personal assault by Verra,  is Diane Blacklane, a prominent figure in Verra-Antigua relations. Accused of leading a character assassination campaign against Ambassador David, Blacklane’s actions are perceived as a calculated move to protect her influence within the organization and cover up the alleged fund misappropriation.

Diann Blacklane UNFCCC speaker

Adding to the drama is the rise of the Swissx cryptocurrency movement. Its promise of a massive wealth shift has rattled Blacklane and her allies, who fear the destabilization of traditional financial systems and the erosion of their power. Blacklane, a career bureaucrat, has been especially vocal against Swissx, aligning with those opposing the Gaston Browne Government.

The situation within Verra is increasingly polarized, with a faction advocating for transparency and demanding a thorough probe into the hurricane relief fund scam. These activists support Ambassador David’s quest to uncover the truth.

This unfolding saga has captured the attention of global environmental and financial watchdogs. The international community now watches with bated breath as this complex tale of intrigue, power struggles, and the potential dawn of a new financial epoch with Swissx unravels.

Shockya tried to reach the lawyers implicated Verra Ascher Toro Escobar and Ben Carrier – they were unavailable to comment.


By Grady Owen

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