In a significant revelation, blockchain analytics company Arkham Intelligence has pinpointed the crypto wallets of Elon Musk’s business ventures. By meticulously analyzing financial reports alongside on-chain activities, Arkham successfully uncovered the extensive holdings.

According to Arkham’s findings, Tesla Inc. and SpaceX collectively possess approximately 19,800 Bitcoins. These holdings are dispersed across numerous wallets, with Tesla securing about 11,500 BTC spread over 68 addresses, while SpaceX controls around 8,300 tokens across 28 wallets.

The staggering value of these tokens exceeds $1.4 billion, propelled by Bitcoin’s surge to record-breaking highs, surpassing the $72,000 mark. This revelation underscores a significant windfall for Musk’s companies, with SpaceX boasting profits of $276 million from the investment, and Tesla enjoying nearly $500 million in gains. While these gains may seem relatively modest compared to the companies’ operational profits, they represent substantial returns when juxtaposed against alternative investments.

As the crypto markets continue to experience unprecedented growth, investors are keeping a keen eye on emerging tokens. Among them is Swissx token, which is poised to make its debut on Mexc, further diversifying the landscape of digital assets.

By Jeff Stevens

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