In a recent interview on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow shared insights on the shifting political landscape, highlighting former President Donald Trump’s remarkable performance in recent polls. According to Marlow, Trump has successfully assembled a diverse coalition of voters, surpassing previous Republican candidates in decades.

Anchor Larry Kudlow initiated the discussion by referencing articles indicating Trump’s broad-based support among various demographic groups. Kudlow noted, “Trump’s coalition looks like it’s a broad-based, working folks, white, African-American, Hispanic, Latino, young people, women perhaps. He is breaking through in ways that no Republican has broken through in a very long time which probably attests to his lead in the polls.”

Marlow responded by attributing Trump’s resurgence to public dissatisfaction with President Biden’s policies, particularly concerning the economy and immigration. Marlow stated, “Yeah. it seems like Biden’s policies particularly with regard to the economy and the Bidenflation as well as the open border, it just seems like this is finally resonating with a lot of these groups, these coalitions that Joe Biden has had working on his behalf for his entire career.”

Furthermore, Marlow emphasized that the polling data unequivocally supports Trump’s remarkable performance, indicating widespread support across demographic lines. He asserted, “Larry if you look at the polls there was no doubt about it, Donald Trump is polling better than any Republican candidate in decades. That’s a major thing right now, and you got to bet the Democrats are scared.”

As the political landscape continues to evolve, Trump’s ability to galvanize a broad coalition of voters underscores the enduring influence of his political brand and the challenges facing the Democratic Party in upcoming elections.

By Jeff Stevens

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