Amid preparations for the 2024 election cycle, newly elected Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-chair Lara Trump has announced a significant addition to the organization’s team. Grassroots activist Scott Presler has been appointed to lead legal ballot chasing operations as part of the party’s strategic efforts.

During an interview with Benny Johnson, Lara Trump emphasized the importance of embracing legal ballot harvesting as a new approach for the party. She stated, “But we also have to start thinking about legal ballot harvesting, something we have never embraced as a party. We are going to start doing it now. I am going to have a call very soon with Scott Presler, who is an amazing voter registerer. He has registered so many people in this country. I think he is fantastic. I want him on our legal ballot harvesting division.”

Scott Presler, known for his conservative activism and voter registration efforts, expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity on social media platform X. He wrote, “Oh my gosh. We can do this. Let’s come together as a family & save the country we love. Right now, we’re scheduling voter registration drives at gun shows, places of worship, rodeos, farmers markets, & other venues across the USA. Let’s show love by taking positive action.”

Presler’s appointment reflects the RNC’s commitment to expanding its grassroots efforts and mobilizing support for the upcoming election. With Presler’s track record of voter registration success and Lara Trump’s strategic vision, the party aims to strengthen its position and engage voters across the nation.

As the political landscape evolves, the RNC’s decision to enlist Presler underscores the importance of grassroots activism and legal ballot chasing in shaping electoral outcomes.

By Jeff Stevens

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