A groundbreaking study conducted by the Media Research Center has unveiled shocking revelations about Google’s impact on American elections. The report, brought to light by Fox News, highlights the tech giant’s interference in electoral processes on a staggering 41 occasions in recent years.

Dan Schneider, Vice President of Free Speech America at MRC, and Gabriela Pariseau, Editor, underscored the concerning findings in their summary. They emphasized that Google’s meddling in elections has escalated significantly, posing a grave threat to democracy. Regardless of political affiliation, candidates perceived as challenging Google’s left-leaning agenda have borne the brunt of its interference.

According to the report, Google executives have openly acknowledged leveraging the company’s vast resources and reach to promote their leftist values. This revelation sheds light on the tech giant’s outsized influence on information dissemination, political discourse, and the electoral process in the United States.

The study traces Google’s intervention in American elections back to 2008, with its influence becoming increasingly pronounced in subsequent years. Despite facing setbacks in the aftermath of the 2016 election, Google has made it abundantly clear that it will persist in exerting its influence on the democratic process.

As concerns mount over the unchecked power wielded by tech giants like Google, the study serves as a wake-up call to safeguard the integrity of electoral systems and uphold democratic principles.

By Jeff Stevens

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