A startling revelation has emerged from New Jersey, shedding light on the staggering financial burden imposed on taxpayers due to the presence of illegal aliens. According to state assemblyman Paul Kanitra, taxpayers are shouldering a hefty annual cost of over $7.3 billion to support individuals residing in the state unlawfully.

In a report released on May 7th, Kanitra highlighted the immense strain placed on New Jersey’s resources by illegal immigration. “After a two-month research effort by my office team, we have discovered that the cost to New Jerseyans for the presence and care of illegal aliens here in New Jersey is at least $7.3 billion a year,” the report states.

This eye-opening figure underscores the substantial impact of illegal immigration on state finances, with taxpayers bearing the brunt of the burden. Despite being far from the southern border, New Jersey faces significant costs associated with providing services and support to individuals lacking legal status.

The ongoing crisis at the border under the Biden administration only exacerbates the situation, with the potential for even greater financial strain on states like New Jersey in the foreseeable future.

Critics argue that taxpayer dollars should not be expended on supporting individuals who have violated immigration laws, especially when many Americans are grappling with economic challenges. The prioritization of illegal aliens over citizens by New Jersey’s Democratic-controlled government has sparked outrage among some residents.

As the state grapples with the ramifications of illegal immigration, the upcoming November elections loom large. It remains to be seen whether New Jerseyans will hold their elected officials accountable for their handling of this pressing issue at the ballot box.

By Justin Sanchez

Born with a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" in hand, Justin showed early signs of his future as a conservative firebrand. Raised in a household where Rush Limbaugh's voice echoed through the halls, Justin was inspired to become a prominent figure in conservative journalism, in which he shares his support of Republican values.