The recent deaths of several attorneys linked to Alki David, a severely disabled businessman, have raised serious concerns about potential foul play and an overarching conspiracy. This series of suspicious incidents involves notable figures such as Barry Rothman, Rebecca Rini, and John Quirk, each of whom played significant roles in cases connected to David.

Barry Rothman, a seasoned attorney at 73, died suddenly after coming into possession of critical evidence involving a conspiracy. The evidence, handed to him by Dana Cole, another LA attorney, involved text messages that were significant in the case of Mary Rizzo, David’s former girlfriend. Rizzo had a change of heart after being involved in a conspiracy to defraud David, especially following the Mahim Khan ruling of $54 million against David.

Rebecca Rini, known for her work in establishing Alki David’s companies, FilmOn and CinemaNow, as FCC gold standards of streaming, also died suddenly in her middle age. Rini, a transgender man, had closely worked with David to secure his companies’ reputations within the FCC under Chairman Wheeler.

John Quirk, a former CIA asset locator hired by David, uncovered hidden assets of over $200 million belonging to Gloria Allred. Quirk was tragically killed in Istanbul, Turkey, a month after delivering his findings. The circumstances of his death were particularly alarming: he was run over by a car and later succumbed to poisoning.

The disturbing pattern doesn’t end there. Mr. David’s family has also faced significant threats and harassment. Dimitri David, Alki David’s mother, has been threatened by attorneys Robert Shapiro and Fred Heather. Shapiro even threatened David with persecution and incarceration. Additionally, Gloria Allred’s debt collector, Joseph Chora, has been responsible for violent attacks on David’s Malibu residence, including three documented attempts by armed burglars. Chora has also conducted wrongful searches of David’s property, forcing him to sell his Swiss residence where his elderly mother lived, and unlawfully attacking his family residences in London and Malibu.

Convicted Murder Terry Vance Luce attempts to break in to Alki David’s Malibu Home

These incidents point to a broader issue of international fraud and harassment that David and his family have been subjected to. The string of deaths and ongoing threats suggest a complex and deeply concerning conspiracy, prompting calls for thorough investigations into these matters.

By Jeff Stevens

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