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Transformers Rumors- Article By: Roger Moore

It has not been confirmed as of yet but in the highly anticipated release of the 2007 summer blockbuster hopeful Transformers, directed by Michael Bay.  According to it is rumored that Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are joining the cast of the Transformers to reprise their roles as the original Transformers.  Cullen who brought life to Optimus Prime and Welker who brought life to his over the top arch nemesis Megatron.  As things are still in the filming stages these rumors have not been confirmed as of yet but as a die hard fan who is permanently inked with the styling of the Robots in Disguise I for one am truly hoping that the rumors are true and not just the happenings of an over zealous fan on the Data Base staff.  As always Toxic Shock will keep you informed as we get information. 

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