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SUM 41 Kills It With A New Track


SUM 41 Kills It With A New Track

We love hearing new music, especially when it is from our favorite alternative rock band, SUM 41. Following the release of the single, “Screaming Bloody Murder,” SUM 41 has given Alternative Press an exclusive stream of their newest track, “Blood in My Eyes.” The track is an alternative rock gold mine with fast-paced instrumental rifts accompanied by catchy lyrics and powerful anthem-esque vocals.

SUM 41’s upcoming new album, Screaming Bloody Murder, will drop on March 29th. The word blood appears in both of the released tacks. And we don’t see anything bandaging the wounds. We predict this album will kill it on the music charts.

Check out album information and tour plans on the band’s official website.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

SUM 41

SUM 41

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