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Crawl Coming To DVD And Digital Download February 26

Entertainment management and production company The Collective and are bringing horror fans scares from Down Under! Australian suspense thriller “Crawl” will be released Feb. 26 on DVD as part of the Bloody Disgusting Selects film series.

The film, written and directed by Paul China and produced by Benjamin China, has gotten accolades from various horror sites. Dread Central’s Sean Decker said the film “[r]ivals No Country for Old Men in gritty style and suspense,” and Alan Jones from Frightfest said the film’s “[c]laustrophobic heat and brooding tension seep from the screen.”

“Crawl,” the debut for the China brothers, is about “a murder-for-hire gone bad which lands an innocent waitress hostage in her own home and driven to desperate measures for survival:”

“Set in an unknown rural town, a seedy bar-owner hires a mysterious hitman to settle a score. The gun-toting killer crosses paths with an innocent waitress sparking a cat and mouse struggle of survival. As tension builds, everyone is driven to desperate measures causing a chain of events that build to a blood-curdling climax.”

The film stars Georgina Haig (“Fringe”), George Shevtsov (“Love Serenade,” “Dead Calm”), Catherine Miller (“Terra Nova”) and Lynda Stoner (“Prisoner”). The renown cinematographer Brian Breheny (“The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert,” “The Hard Word”) shot the film along with acting as producer. The also renown John Scott, the editor “Little Fish,” “Sexy Beast” and “The Quiet American” was part of the editing team.

You can get “Crawl” On Demand and as a Digital Download/Rental at Amazon, Amazon Instant and iTunes. You can visit the film’s official page on Bloody Disgusting.

Crawl 3D

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