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Cherry Tree Lane DVD Review

Title: Cherry Tree Lane

Directed by: Paul Andrew Williams

Starring: Rachael Blake, Tom Butcher, Jumayn Hunter, Ashley Chin

Running time: 77 minutes, Not Rated

Special Features: None

Michael and Christine are having a quiet dinner at home while their son is out for the evening. When Michael answers a knock at the door, their lives are changed forever when a trio of violent strangers enters, beat the couple and wait for the son to return home.

I’m not even going to bother with a bunch of insults because this movie was awful. For the majority of the hour and 17 minutes I had to sit through a bunch of inane dialogue and annoying characters. These kids who think they’re all tough, wanting revenge for the son squealing on one of their cousins, sending him to jail was just stupid. Petty revenge is idiotic and we get to sit and listen to them talk about how badass they think they are and they’re really a bunch of mindless kids. I sound like a crotchety old person, but kids today are so stupid and this movie pissed me off because these characters are stupid.  The DVD box and synopsis on the cover made this film seem more like The Last House on the Left, but I would’ve rather watch a British remake of that film than this load of crap.

The only thing I liked is when the lead asshole kid got what was coming to him, but that wasn’t enough to warrant making a film about it.

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Total Rating: F

Cherry Tree Lane DVD Review

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