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Exclusive: Game of Arms Clip Reveals A Serious Injury

AMC’s hit show about the hardcore world of arm wrestling, “Game of Arms” ramps up the intensity on your Tuesday nights! If you haven’t seen any of the episodes and want to see what all the fuss is about, take a look at a clip from the sixth episode in the show’s first season.

The episode reveals a huge issues with Kenny Hughes. Hughes, who continues to drink, poses a serious threat to a seriously-injured Nick Zinna. Things get tougher when an old rivalry between Cobra Rhodes and Allen Fisher is renewed.

Are you still in the dark about “Game of Arms”? Here’s the official description of the show:

“‘Game of Arms’ is a look inside the raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling. The series follows the members of five regional arm wrestling clubs in Erie, PA, Kansas City, KS, New York, NY, Sacramento, CA and Baton Rouge, LA as they hit the road and wager their reputation, relationships and money for the sport. Game of Arms not only focuses on the technique and skill in this high-stakes world, but also the family, careers and personal struggles of each man outside of the sport. Each episode features a dramatic regional match, leading to a tournament finale where the entire cast will compete for prize money and bragging rights.”

Check out the exclusive clip below the post and write what you think in the comments section! Make sure to watch tonight’s episode at 10/9c on AMC.


Kenny Hughes (Sacramento) vs Nick Zinna (Kansas City) – Game of Arms _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo credit: David Moir/AMC

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